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Three HubSpot Blogging Dashboard Features for Epic Content Marketing

Posted by Hana Abello - April 30, 2015 • 4-minute read

We’re all familiar with how blogging fits into the Inbound Methodology of Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. In fact, Inbound Now notes that B2B businesses who take the time to maintain a business blog enjoy 67% more leads than businesses who do not. Despite this strong supporting evidence for blogging, there are a lot of other reasons to blog: providing value and addressing your buyer persona’s main points are some of the best reasons to jump into the blogging bandwagon.

Topics: Digital Marketing

Google: Mobile-Responsiveness is the New Black

Posted by Mikael Angelo Francisco - April 29, 2015 • 4-minute read

Google just dropped a new rule for its search engine ranking system, and it’s quite a game-changer.

Topics: Web Development

Curb Creative Block! 10 Tips to Boost Creativity

Posted by Jessie Genio - April 16, 2015 • 4-minute read

Continually producing great ideas and putting them into action is hard work. The life of a creative is rewarding, but there are just some instances when your mind refuses to work and nothing seems to end up the way you wanted it. At that point, you’ll know that a dreaded enemy has once again appeared in your midst—creative block!

Topics: Creative Design

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