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4 Branding & Visual Identity Rules (and How To Break Them)

Posted by Robert Soriano - June 25, 2015 • 5-minute read

People often think that branding and the visual identity of a company are one and the same. However, real branding goes beyond the visuals. Instead, branding expresses what a company (and its products/services) is all about. Yes, some aspects of it may be visual, but in reality, it is a complex concept that just can’t be confined in a singular medium.

Topics: Creative Design

Creative Process Outsourcing: The Insider You Need to Read

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - June 19, 2015 • 22-minute read

Creative process outsourcing lets you scale your brand while keeping your digital marketing efforts top of mind. Learn to crack big ideas in this guide.

Topics: Business, Creative Process Outsourcing

Five Flexible WordPress Themes To Achieve Your Ideal Website Design

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - June 8, 2015 • 4-minute read

So you've finally created your website in WordPress, filled out all the important information, and uploaded the content you wanted your prospects to see. But what's this? You're still stuck with the default plain WordPress theme. Wouldn't that make your website look far from appealing, especially to your target audience?

Topics: Creative Design, Web Development

4 Tips for Writing Effective Social Media Copy

Posted by Kimberly Aurelio - June 2, 2015 • 3-minute read

Being a Social Media Manager entails mastering - or at least, getting a decent grasp of - a number of different tasks. Copywriting happens to be one of them; however, the way one should write for social media tends to differ from the writing style typically found in blog posts or academic papers. It’s not surprising; after all, your main objective in writing social media headlines is to grab everyone’s attention and encourage engagement via succinct and captivating copy.

Topics: Digital Marketing

Like a (Real) Boss: How Confident CEOs Earn Their Time Off

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - June 1, 2015 • 3-minute read

"You can't carry the world on your shoulders."

This adage perfectly applies to CEOs managing businesses—may it be big, small, or medium-sized. Leading your employees towards meeting your goals hinges on proper time management. Don't feel pressured! You don't have to be preoccupied with your duties all day. There are ways to achieve work-life balance, even as the captain of your company.

Topics: Business

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