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Marti Rodriguez

is a Social Media Associate at StraightArrow Corporation. He likes video games and Les Miserables. He was told that he was named after a scholar-general of the Roman centurion army who ferociously defended his motherland against Persian invaders, and that he looks really good in sweaters. Then again, his mother tells him lots of things.

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Facebook’s Fall? Busting the Myths of Its Shrinking SEO Relevance

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - December 13, 2016 • 10-minute read

As a marketer keeping up with the times, you may have seen a few articles alleging that Facebook is falling fast. Like Icarus, they say, Facebook has flown too close to the sun and its impending downfall will end in an ugly splat. A few of the reasons they name are sluggish monthly returns on investment, declining reach over time, and the threat that fake fans pose to engagement.

We’re writing this to show that Facebook’s supposed fall is, like the Icarus story, a myth.

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Hark! Why the Holidays Are a Season for Offshoring

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - November 3, 2016 • 5-minute read

Companies are like people: employees are like the cells, constituting organs of departments, connected by the synapses of memos and the blood of common cause. Like a person, a company builds its identity on the work it does and the things it makes; similarly, also, it can point out its birth and the various milestones of its life.

Just as people go through periods of happiness and hardship, the fortunes of companies have seasons of their own: performance audits, certification tests, mergers and acquisitions, or even expansions. Continuing the comparison, it’s best that companies learn when to turn to other companies—some seasons, after all, shouldn’t be spent alone.

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Choosing an Outsourcing Partner: A Closer Look at Compatibility

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - October 21, 2016 • 8-minute read

In an earlier article, we discussed the three factors that you should consider when looking for outsourcing vendors: reviewing their track record, gauging their communication skills and tools, and examining their IT certifications and infrastructure.

In this installment, we’ll be discussing three more elements to consider. This may seem like a long list, but the best insurance against a failed outsourcing venture is preparation. To have a good working relationship with an outsourcing provider, align your expectations with the standards listed below.

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Choosing an Outsourcing Partner: Standards of Quality

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - October 11, 2016 • 5-minute read

You may have stumbled on a number of articles that explain the benefits of outsourcing. There’s a lot of truth to them: outsourcing has a lot of perks for businesses that have gaps in processes, or for startups that can’t fund whole departments. There are plenty of companies out there that can meet your business needs and deliver consistent excellence.

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How Outsourcing can Help Your Company’s Recruitment

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - September 6, 2016 • 6-minute read

Human Resources do a lot of work. They build the framework of the company, swell the ranks of the business, maintain employee satisfaction, and train people for leadership positions—all at the same time. They’re centred on people, and in all corporations, people are the backbone of your success. But still, theirs is an unsung duty.

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Service is our Brand: Why Choose Asia's Work Culture for Outsourcing

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - August 27, 2016 • 6-minute read

These days, more and more companies are entrusting their processes to offshore providers. But outsourcing is not limited to call services anymore; different fields like public relations, human resources, administration, and even creative processing have already begun to capitalize on this trend.

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