Creative Process Outsourcing In a Nutshell: Cracking The Big Ideas

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - June 19, 2015 • 4-minute read

Creative Process Outsourcing In a Nutshell Cracking The Big Ideas 2021

Since the dawn of globalization, constant improvements in technology have updated the way we collaborate, especially when it comes to marketing and creative processes. However, while the potential for process improvement seems limitless, time and resources remain finite; thus, business owners are faced with the dilemma of catching up to the latest marketing trends while developing their products and services.

With so much to juggle under a clock that ticks nonstop, marketing and brand management results may suffer when you manage these aspects all by yourself—and this practically spells danger for the future of any business, whether it's a small start-up or a huge enterprise. You need to have time and expertise to accomplish this - two things that you can find from a dedicated and responsible team. But is hiring new employees really necessary to make this happen?

How Does Creative Process Outsourcing Save the Day?

Enter Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO)—transferring your creative tasks and processes to companies who specialize in the field of marketing, advertising, and brand management. Empowered by the latest tools crafted for connectivity and creativity, CPO companies are capable of producing excellent marketing and advertising results with ideas, time and commitment for every project. Aside from infrastructural support, CPO companies are led by creative and marketing specialists who can provide high-quality work that never misses the mark, making CPO your new ally in raising your marketing game.

What Are the Benefits of CPO?

By integrating Creative Process Outsourcing into your company, you won’t only have strength in numbers; you will also have access to the expertise that you need to execute grand ideas for boosting your brand. CPO is also considered indispensable for companies who only have small creative departments (or none at all): entrusting technical aspects of your work or tasks such as graphic design, photo editing and creating content to trained experts will guarantee high-quality output.

As a result, working with a CPO company frees up your workload and enables you to focus on your top priorities—whether it’s about restructuring your teams or changing your business models. Since there is no need to hire an in-house creative team and outsourcing companies have flexible resources, you’re able to get the work done for a fraction of the cost.

How Does Teamwork in CPO Happen?

Depending on the nature of your company and specific needs, creative process outsourcing partnership and collaboration take place using innovative models.

  • For Creative Digital Agencies: The extension office model enables you to outsource your tasks to a dedicated virtual team from your CPO partner, providing you with an extension of your main office. You can manage your dedicated team to give solutions for your inbound marketing, search engine marketing, web development, content development, social media marketing, and graphic design projects.

  • For Small and Medium Enterprises: With the cost-effective creative factory model, CPO companies can help your business improve its online presence, with a team of creative and marketing professionals to guide you on how to target the right audience. Reach your marketing goals and let the audience spread the word about your brand by availing the services in this model, including (but not limited to) internet marketing, social media management, content development, web support, and graphic design.

If you want to spend your time wisely and maximize the potential of your resources, then creative process outsourcing is the way to go. With very little to risk, now is the best time to start hiring a CPO partner that can ignite the big idea to boost your brand.

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