Tweeting a New Tune: 4 New Features to Optimize your Twitter Profile

Posted by Hana Abello - May 27, 2014 • 4-minute read

A little bird told us that come May 28, Twitter will roll out an all-new profile for its users... and it seems as if not everyone is happy about it.

Despite the promise of a friendlier vibe and an improved layout, a number of Twitter users appear to be opposed to the idea, refusing to give the new layout a chance to spread its wings and take flight. Of course, resistance to changes in social media (and in everything else, really) is hardly unheard of - just ask the people behind Facebook, whose users seemingly spring to life in protest every time an update rolls out.

However, in the same vein as that old adage about life, lemons, and lemonade, why not use these changes to your advantage instead of rejecting them outright? This piece of advice is especially useful for businesses, as social media engagement has become a significant factor in strengthening online presence and developing brand loyalty.

Reinforce your brand's Twitter nest with these all-new “twigs” - build a stronger digital marketing strategy around Twitter's improved layout. Here are some of our suggestions:

1. Attract your audience with better photos.

With a larger header photo (1500 pixels x 500 pixels and a 5 MB maximum file size) and a bigger profile photo (400 pixels x 400 pixels), you can now leave an even greater impact on your audience. Use aesthetically appealing cover and profile photos that show off your brand’s personality. You can even say goodbye to background images entirely; opt for a solid color background and direct your followers’ attention to your stunning header and profile photos.

2. Show off your biggest hits with Best Tweets.

The Best Tweets feature draws attention to your most popular tweets – the tweets that got the most replies, favorites, and retweets – by displaying them with a larger font size than your other tweets. This is particularly handy for Community Managers, as the feature makes it easier for them to assess which tweets are getting more attention than the rest.

3. Promote with Pinned Tweet.

With this feature, you can permanently affix a tweet at the top of your profile, ensuring that it would always be the first tweet visible on your page and preventing it from getting buried under newer tweets. This is especially helpful when you’re promoting an event, a new product, or anything that requires your fans’ attention. The best part about this is that your Pinned tweet can be seen even by non-followers – use this opportunity to create a lasting impression on them.

4. Improve your brand's recall on Twitter's improved Following List.

Formerly just a straightforward list, Twitter's Following list now includes more details, such as the header image and profile picture, a bio description, the Follow/Unfollow button, and a gear button for Other Actions. Entries on the Following list essentially serve as quick snapshots of the accounts a user is following. A compelling header photo and profile picture matched with an optimized bio telling your brand’s unique story is sure to capture your followers' attention and keep you on their lists.

Still, bigger isn't necessarily better, and while Twitter has practically supersized everything from the header to the Following list, users have been quick to point out the similarities between the new profile and Facebook's. Time will tell whether this comparison proves to be a good one or a bad one.

Only one thing is for certain, though: social media is perpetually changing, and every brand’s best move is to ride the waves of change to stay on top of their game.

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Hana Abello is a Social Media Associate at StraightArrow Corporation. She is a personal blogger and a social media passionista. When not online, she's also a makeup enthusiast and a photohobbyist.




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Hana Abello

Hana Abello

Hana Abello heads the Social Media Department at StraightArrow Corp. She is a personal blogger and a social media passionista. When not online, she's also a makeup enthusiast and a photohobbyist.

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