A Marketing Strategy Process for Steady Success

Posted by Ari Santiago - October 23, 2017 • 6-minute read

A Marketing Strategy Process for Steady Success

In the arena of digital marketing, the abundance of trends and updates can make it challenging to maintain a steady marketing strategy. How can your business streamline its processes even as it transitions  from one campaign to another? Or target your desired market at the right point in their buyer’s journey?

At StraightArrow, we’ve established our own Proven Process built on three tried and tested methods. This marketing strategy  process is ideal for agency owners and marketing managers who want to streamline their processes and complement their work with outsourced creative and marketing services.

What the Proven Process is made of:

StraightArrow’s Proven Process is built on three methods, which are combined to create an optimised inbound marketing and project management strategy:

  1. Inbound Marketing (IM): Utilizes the power of relevant and helpful content to reach a business’s target audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Building trust and credibility is easier with people looking at content that addresses their needs, accessible through various platforms like search, blogs, and social media.

    IM also involves setting specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely (SMART)  goals each quarter to target the right audience at the right time, using the right content and platforms.

  2. Growth-Driven Design (GDD): Focuses on iterative website optimizations based on user experience and customer mapping  to target your buyer personas. Using this lean and agile methodology, websites can be launched 37% faster; lead generation and website traffic can be increased by 17% and 14%, respectively; and revenue is to scale by 12% after six months of implementation.

  3. Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®): Provides project collaboration tools, systemizing  your inbound marketing strategy by getting everyone on the same page.

Why it’s ideal for creative agencies and marketing teams:

Businesses’ marketing teams that want to maximize their websites’ ability to attract potential customers will find that the Proven Process produces better sites by relying on data and user experience research. Monitoring is made easier by defining key metrics, which can be measured and tweaked according to their needs.

Businesses can also follow the Proven Process to test their readiness to outsource specific services such as design, development, email marketing, SEO, content development, or social media.

Creative agencies will be able to track and optimize their clients’ campaigns easier, through streamlined website management and simpler coding requirements. You can easily track metrics such as lead generation, while customizing your campaign strategy according to your quarterly or annual goals.

You can also use the proven processes’ different phases to test, implement, and evaluate different variations of creative support to best serve your clients.

How does the Proven Process work?

  1. Discovery
    The first phase involves research by and conversations between you and one of our business development managers on your business or agency’s requirements.

  2. Pilot
    A way to test both StraightArrow's capabilities and your readiness to outsource, this phase involves a two-week project in which you can provide creative or marketing direction on a small task that our creatives will execute. These projects can be as simple as writing 2-4 blog posts, setting up a marketing campaign (CTA, Landing Page, Thank You Page, Nurture Email) for one content marketing offer, or developing a simple app.

    In this phase, it's important to have a clear understanding of your own processes and to document and evaluate how StraightArrow executes or improves them.This can  involve an audit of your website or current marketing efforts if you are looking to outsource the marketing for your own website or brand.

  3. Set Up
    Once your internal team and ours have evaluated the pilot, you can decide to move on to a setup that leads to either a website redesign or a retainer arrangement. This allows both teams to orient each other, study processes, and establish and access templates and inbound marketing strategies.This set-up usually runs from two weeks if you are outsourcing a marketing process  to three  months if you need to redesign your website.

    A new or redesigned website can be launched in 45 days, with scheduled iterations based on real user data, and you can then execute your campaigns in your high-performing website.

  4. Implementation
    Here, we follow the Growth-Driven Design methodology for continuously improving
    your website and the EOS system of establishing 90-day projects to bring you close to your annual goal and  improveme our engagement with you. This involves studying what worked and what didn’t work. This gives our team and yours a chance to look at how we can support you better (e.g. with different packages, processes, tools or skill sets) as your agency or business works towards its goal for the year.

What sets it apart:

The Proven Process might, at first glance, look like other traditional or agile methods. However, it sets itself apart with:

  • The way it uses SMART goals to equate performance metrics—such as for outsourced processes or marketing work— with quantifiable business outcomes

  • How it “humanizes” digital marketing processes,  projects and  campaigns for your internal team, your outsourcing partner, and your customers.

  • Making it easy to identify which part of your marketing strategy (e.g. website, marketing and creative assets, etc.) should be optimized to meet any given campaign target

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