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Social Media Marketing: Specific Tasks to Outsource

Written by: Danielle Landero
May 17, 2017 • 4-minute read

Social Media Marketing - Specific Tasks to Outsource

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing in general and social media outsourcing specifically. From online brand management to generating leads, you can save a lot of time and money 
while experts make your brand a success online. If you only have a specific task or goal you want to achieve, test the waters first with social media tasks that can be outsourced individually   :

Community Management

Not all community managers are social media experts but all social media experts do community management. This is basically social media branding, PR, and management by growing social media accounts and engaging with a brand’s target market. This means advocating the brand online by responding to complaints, trolls, queries, and doing different strategies to expand the brand’s audience. This is integral to all parts of the buyer’s journey right from attracting customers, converting leads, and delighting them afterward through all kinds of engagement.

example of customer delightQuick, practical responses are a sure way to delight customers.

How good a community manager is can be measured by the quality and quantity of their interactions with followers, how fast they respond, and their influence as a brand in the online community.

good feedback examples of community managerCharm fans with your wit (name-dropping is a plus).

Posting Plans

Posting content online requires research, copywriting, and a lot of planning. Social media specialists create everyday posts that a brand’s audience would be interested in and most likely interact with. Posting plans are given a week prior to the first posting date complete with curated and original photos and links along with different captions per social media platform. Scheduling and actual posting of these posts can also be outsourced!

Great posting plans can be distinguished when there is high and steady engagement and positive feedback from the audience, they also help attract new leads and convert them to customers through great and helpful content.

Social Advertising

The best social media campaigns have three basic things: great story, execution, and ads. Ads have been more apparent in social media marketing today because of the ever-changing algorithms of platforms. Businesses must have digital ads, the problem is some don’t know how to make it work or simply don’t know how it works. Great ads boost your visibility, engagement, and your brand in general.

While community management and creating posts can be trained, studying how to make social media ads work is trickier, especially if you’re just starting to learn. Asking for help from an expert can spare you lost time and opportunities due to errors.

Ads have reports to measure success, which includes the actions taken and ROI. They also have specific solutions to your goals: want more engagement? Boost your post. Need more leads? There’s a type of ad just for this!

These tasks are but a part of what you get from outsourcing everything social media-related. The full package includes creating strategies beforehand and adjusting them along the way to see what works based on the reports given at the end of every month.

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Danielle Landero
Danielle Landero
is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. She appreciates all things art and aesthetics.



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