Social Media and SEO Recap - April & May 2018

Posted by Maria Ysabel Go - May 31, 2018 • 7-minute read
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Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of new information and updates in the virtual realm. We’ve been introduced to the Instagram Story design boost, which includes placing transparent GIFs and videos when posting stories and, just recently, we're bombarded with Facebook news and updates in response to the GDPR.

Keeping up to date with such developments helps ensure that your brand remains agile, relevant and competitive. But easier said than done, right?

In this blog post, we summarize all the latest social media and SEO updates that you should know. A few of them may even become the game changer for your next marketing strategy!Facebook newsfeed feature to identify which sites are spreading fake news
The never-ending stream of fake news is coming to an end. The recent Facebook update now lets you identify friends who have been sharing misleading or inaccurate news.

The feature launched April 2 for U.S. users and is actually an extension of an older newsfeed update done last October 2017.

The recently rolled out option is actually quite easy to find: as your scroll through your newsfeed you will find a small “i” above and to the right of the headline. Tap on it and you’ll get additional info on the article that includes:
  • data about the publisher
  • a couple of related articles
  • a map showing where the article has been shared
  • a list of friends who have shared the similar articles
Facebook also stated that it will also be testing a new update that will let some users tap an author's name in Instant Articles to get additional information, including:
  • info from the Wikipedia page
  • their recent articles
  • a button to follow their profile or page

This info will only be visible if the publisher has implemented author tags on their website, and will also initially only be available for a small subset of users in the U.S.

Facebook now requires verification for larger pages

Last quarter, Facebook made a lot of significant changes but this has got to be one of the most important one since it will affect a lot of businesses. The social media platform’s latest update will enable users to to identify advertisers that missed the authorization process.

Zuckerberg states, “This will make it much harder for people to run pages using fake accounts, or to grow virally and spread misinformation or divisive content that way.”

It has yet to be made clear what constitutes a ‘large page,’ or exactly what the verification process entails, or even whether the verification will be the publicly displayed blue check badge. See Zuckerberg’s full statement.

Additional Changes for InstagramImage source: Imgix

Additional Changes for Instagram

April was also a busy time for Instagram. Here’s a brief overview of the great new features in everyone’s favorite visual platform.

  • You can now add tags to your profile - Now when you type an @ (see next update) or a # followed by text in your bio, it’ll appear as a live link on your profile. By clicking them, visitors can get to other profiles or see other posts with the same hashtag. This is an excellent way to promote your branded hashtag to get clicks.
  • Instagram is preparing for the release of “Nametags - It’s basically Instagram’s version of Snapchat’s QR codes. It works by letting users create unique images that people can scan with their stories and immediately let follow afterward.
  • Instagram is reportedly developing a portability tool - this new tool will allow users to download content they’ve already uploaded, including pictures, videos and possibly even messages.

Pinterest Makes It Easier For You to Filter Skin Tones

Makeup and skincare brands will surely benefit from this update. As the go-to design inspiration platform, Pinterest’s update will make the site more user-friendly especially when it comes to choosing your look for a night out.

Previously, users had to scroll through hundreds, if not thousands, of images to find photos of makeup that would complement their own features.

But now, thanks to an option to filter skin tone from a choice of four palettes near the search bar, makeup moguls and beauty fans can find and pin pictures of models that have similar complexions.

Pinterest Makes It Easier to Filter Skin TonesImage source: Allure

Instagram Lets You Mute and Get All Caught Up

The photo social network is currently preparing to launch a new mute option and a “You’re All Caught Up” indicator. The mute option would allow users to hide photos from specific users without having to unfollow them. And the “You’re All Caught Up” indicator will show whether you have seen all of the photos and videos that have been posted within the last 48 hours by users that you follow.

The mute feature is comparable to the Follow/Unfollow feature on Facebook, the Mute feature on Twitter and Snapchat’s “Do Not Disturb.”

The mute feature will be rolled out in the coming weeks so you might not be able to see it yet.


Google core algorithm update affects web search appearance and rankings.

Google constantly tests updates and tweaks to their search algorithm. Sometimes these are small and sometimes these are huge, dramatically affecting how they return search results for users.

The most recent major Google algorithm update was focused on better ranking for sites with good website quality. Your site’s quality is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • page load time
  • how much original content you have
  • technical items like 404 errors
  • internal links, backlinks

There’s much more and they aren’t things you can’t fix and build up overnight.

Businesses who haven’t employed any black hat SEO tactics are more likely to benefit from this update by getting improved rankings for their keywords while other, more spammy sites in their industry are likely to take a hit from this update.

Those are just some of the major updates for the last month. While there are overwhelming number of changes there’s still lots of great things users and marketers should be excited about. Being in the know about SEO, social media and all facets of digital marketing will help improve existing strategies and, in the end, produce positive results. 

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