The Different Benefits of In-house vs. Outsourced Teams

Posted by Joyce Claravall - May 24, 2019 • 3-minute read

The Different Benefits of In-house vs Outsourced Teams

Figuring out how to run your company is not always straightforward. As technology continues to change the business landscape, fast-changing trends and emerging practices often require businesses to evolve and innovate.

Over the years, technology has impacted businesses in numerous aspects. This can be seen in the way companies approach recruitment and training; the widely accepted practice being to hire, and from there, train employees according to needs, standards, and requirements. On the other hand, businesses have also taken advantage of outsourced services due to an array of benefits such as 24/7 external support and specialized skill sets.

The choice doesn't have to be binary. Both outsourced and in-house teams have benefits that are worth looking at, and companies can even opt to take on both options once they have identified which activities they need to keep in-house and which ones they can elect to outsource.

If you aren't sure which option is the best fit for your company, you can check out the infographic below to help you decide.

The Different Benefits of In-house vs Outsourced Teams Infographic

As you may already know, an in-house team would already be familiar with the company’s challenges and needs. Booth & Partners reports that 89% of companies have their own employees in strategic planning, rather than outsourced ones. Since these employees are already part of the company, they can provide solutions that are tailor-fit to internal processes and require very little onboarding.

On the other hand, finding the right outsourcing team will help your project move forward more quickly thanks to the different shift schedules. According to Statista, IT services are one of the most outsourced as of 2018, earning a global revenue of $62 billion. Since jobs like application maintenance and database administration require a certain level of skill, most businesses choose to hire an IT company. Because of that company’s experience with different clients, their specialists can recommend innovative solutions that make efficient use of time and resources.

The option to combine the efforts of both in-house and outsourced teams is also an option to consider when improving your return on investment. By utilizing the strengths of both methods, you can streamline your company’s processes and create value without stretching your manpower thin. Ultimately, properly identifying and understanding your business needs will help determine your next steps.

Interested in finding out if outsourcing is for you? Check out our Outsourcing Calculator today.

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