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The Perks of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

Written by: Danielle Landero
May 1, 2017 • 4-minute read

The Perks of Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

A recent study conducted by Social Fresh found that in 2016 found that nearly half of all companies surveyed outsourced part of their social media. The most widely outsourced task, social advertising, was completely outsourced by 17% of all companies and partially outsourced by 33%. However, there remain certain misconceptions about social media marketing that make people think twice about outsourcing it.

Some people still hold on to the notion that social media management is easy because they equate having a Facebook account with knowing social media marketing. Other businesses think social media outsourcing looks inauthentic, or that they’d be left with no authority over their social media were they to get an agency’s help.

Digital marketing techniques outsourced to agencies

Truth be told, social media marketing is more complicated than sending tweets. Social media involves reaching your target market on the right platforms, creating useful and appealing content that your audience will engage with, as well as engaging with existing and potential leads and customers to say the least.

Instead of putting time and energy into mastering this complex medium, you could outsource it to certified experts—outsourcing gives you all the benefits of social media marketing and a little more besides:

benefits of social media marketing

Save Money

Social media is a fairly cost-efficient marketing tool in itself: the problem lies in whether you know how to use it effectively or not. Compared to hiring an employee—who’d require a salary, benefits, and overhead costs--a social marketing agency is a better choice since you’d already getting a skilled team with the right software and a lot of training. Working with experts also means that they would have already researched the best processes and workflows for scalable results and improvements.

Social media outsourcing is time efficient and cost effective

Save Time

Time is money and if you don’t have the time to invest in social media, you won’t get anything in return. Social media strategizing and execution is a full-time job. If you outsource, it will be the agency's responsibility to see what works and implement it. Social media algorithms also constantly change, demanding new strategies more often than not, Outsource the task, and your internal team will be able to focus on driving the business forward while your outsourced team focuses on testing new workarounds.

Social media branding

Save your Brand

Outsourcing will always be beneficial when you find the right agency. Good teams of social media experts don’t just have best social media campaigns; they also develop coherent and attainable strategies tailored to your business goals. The turnaround for social media tasks and communication will be quick compared if you were to do it on your own or hire and train an employee. A great agency will also have the right connections you can use to your advantage, and they will support and integrate social media efforts to your overall marketing plan for better results.

It’s not just about outsourcing, it’s smartsourcing: find the right agency and your social media marketing will be better than before. Don’t settle for just any company: find one that has social media experts and values smartsourcing, like we do at StraightArrow. If you want to check how your social media marketing is currently doing, get our social media services:

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Danielle Landero
Danielle Landero
is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. She appreciates all things art and aesthetics.



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