Three HubSpot Blogging Dashboard Features for Epic Content Marketing

Posted by Hana Abello - April 30, 2015 • 5-minute read

Three HubSpot Blogging Dashboard Features for Epic Content Marketing

We’re all familiar with how blogging fits into the Inbound Methodology of Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. In fact, Inbound Now notes that B2B businesses who take the time to maintain a business blog enjoy 67% more leads than businesses who do not. Despite this strong supporting evidence for blogging, there are a lot of other reasons to blog: providing value and addressing your buyer persona’s main points are some of the best reasons to jump into the blogging bandwagon.

However, blogging isn’t just about spraying content and praying that it attracts the right number and type of marketing leads. A great deal of planning and strategy is required in order to get your business blog to work for you. Statistics show that only 37% of marketers say blogs are the most valuable content type for their marketing. For the other 63%, we can only imagine that blogging might be a serious challenge for them - one difficult enough to hinder them from creating content that can convert.


Consider this, though: What if there were a way to blog smarter? What if you could do away with SEO plugins and get blog posts driving traffic to your website without getting too worked up about blog formats and the trouble of optimizing content?

Enter HubSpot’s Blogging software, a blogging platform that empowers you to fuel your lead generation with content. If you’ve ever been daunted by the tasks of content planning, optimization, and analysis, HubSpot’s blogging tool can do those for you, helping you do all these without breaking a sweat. This is true even for marketers who have little to no blogging experience under their belt.

Here’s how HubSpot’s Blogging Dashboard is helping thousands of marketers worldwide blog like pros - and why it is many marketers’ platform of choice for content creation:

1. HubSpot’s pre-written Blogging Blueprints will give you a headstart in creating valuable content. The Blogging Blueprints act as a blogging guide which lets you use a pre-loaded templateinwritingyourblogpost. Now, marketers and bloggers can take their minds off the flow and outline, and start focusing on content. You can choose from three Blogging Blueprints: the How-to Post, the List Post, and the Visual Post. You can access Blogging Blueprints by clicking on the “Write New Blog Post” button on your blogging dashboard and selecting the “Post Blueprint” option.

hubspot_blogging_straightarrowHubSpot’s Blogging Blueprints will help cut down your blogging time in half.

2. The half-screen view on HubSpot’s blogging tool lets you view the blog post as you write and edit it, giving you an idea of how it would look like when it gets published. From the editor, you can also add CTAs, spell-check your work, and even view the post as it would appear on different devices.

Pro tip: Click on the Main List view to see how your current blog post would look like from the website’s main blog page.

3. Among all of the HubSpot blogging tool’s numerous features, our favorite would have to be the Search Engine Optimization tool. Upon entering your chosen keywords into the tool, it can provide helpful and actionable suggestions on how you can further optimize your content for better SEO impact. The tool is so smart that it even teaches you SEO basics (complete with rationale!) in between recommendations and words of encouragement.

HubSpot Blogging Dashboard’s SEO tool

Bonus Tip: If you’ve run out of blog topics to write about, this blog topic generator tool from HubSpot will give you enough blog topic choices to span a week! Just key in at least three terms (ideally nouns or keywords you want to rank for) into the tool, sit back, and let the blog topic generator tool come up with interesting new topics for your blog.

If you’ve been blogging before and have not been getting significant results from your efforts, always remember that there are other ways to attack the problem. Maybe the key is not in working harder, but in working smarter.

If you’re interested in finding out how else HubSpot can help with your online marketing and lead generation, contact us for a free consultation!

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Hana Abello heads the Social Media Department at StraightArrow Corp. She is a personal blogger and a social media passionista. When not online, she's also a makeup enthusiast and a photohobbyist.

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Hana Abello

Hana Abello heads the Social Media Department at StraightArrow Corp. She is a personal blogger and a social media passionista. When not online, she's also a makeup enthusiast and a photohobbyist.

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