3 Tips on Creating A Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

Posted by Therese Gabrielle Dominique Uy - February 13, 2017 • 5-minute read

3 Tips on Creating a Successful Inbound Marketing Campaign

An inbound marketing campaign is composed of many elements that, depending on how they’re used, can lead either to success or to failure. But having a few guidelines to follow can make the going easier. Here are a few tips to ease the pain when creating campaigns.

Create Substance with Style

Marketers often think that to catch a viewer’s eye, they have to create bright and colourful designs. While this has been proven to work, marketers sometimes forget the quality of their content in their efforts to dress their material up.

Make content that interests your user. An attractive poster or ebook design is of no use to your customers if it doesn’t offer any relevant information. Make sure that what you make is what your customers are actually looking for.

Consider this: when D&V, one of StraightArrow’s clients, analyzed visitor behaviour on their website, they found that most were downloading their content offers, but many were also filling up the careers page.

After examining this more closely, they concluded that their users were interested to know what working with D&V was like. As such, they then made a case study about how D&V provided the right solutions for their healthcare group client.

Creating Content For User Resulted to High CTR

To introduce this information better, D&V wrote a blog post containing a short summary of the case study. As you can see in the screenshot above, this blog had the highest click-through rate, confirming their theory.

Use the Right Tools

You can’t fix a car with garden shears. Similarly, for a successful inbound marketing campaign to work, you’ll need the right tools to execute it well.

Another StraightArrow client, this time a medical make-up company from Australia, experienced the limits of their tools when they tried running a social media giveaway to streamline their social media lead generation.

The app they ran on Facebook had problems with mobile responsiveness, which was making them lose a big chunk of their users.

Gleam marketing app to run contest

To resolve this issue, they opted to utilize Gleam, an app that helps brands run contests and giveaways efficiently. This tool allows marketers to “manipulate” user actions according to their set goals. Through a points system, contestants choose actions they would like to do, with each action worth a number of points.

If your goal is to increase the number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, you can set “Subscribe to YouTube channel” and set a value of points for that action. This entices the user to do more and get as many points as they can while also making it easier to set goals and metrics to determine your campaign’s success.

Keep Branding Consistent

One last thing to remember in order to have a successful inbound marketing campaign is to stay true to your branding. Make sure people know who you are with just one glance.

Our medical make-up client from Australia stayed consistent in their branding by using the same model found in that month’s Gleam giveaway image in their emails, so leads could immediately identify who the email was from. They paid attention to the email’s content as well, creating a name for their fanbase and using that in the copy.

Another one of our clients, MatrixLED, makes sure to keep their branding consistent by maintaining the same colors, font, and overall style, no matter what the purpose of the image is.

Matrixled banner brandingMatrixlead display banner brandingMatrixled content offer branding

They maintain the same colors and style in their blogs and their content offers, as seen in their gymnasium case study here.

All in all, when building your campaigns, remember to put your audience at the center of your efforts.

Know your buyer personas inside and out - analyze their behavioral data and focus more on learning how you can help solve their challenges and meet their needs. 

Executing inbound marketing strategies can be tough, but partnering with the right outsourcing company for your creative and digital marketing needs can help you accomplish your goals.

A successful inbound marketing campaign may very well be the key to unlocking your business’ success. And with the help of digital marketing specialists, you can assess and validate what your business-specific needs are for actionable goals and results. 

But how to choose which digital marketing agency is best for you? We recommend looking for a creative outsourcing company that has a strong track record for delivering results and growth, with passionate team members who will engage with you and your business. 


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