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Making Outsourced Digital Marketing Count with Brand Development

Posted by Xenia-Chloe Villanueva - August 8, 2019 • 4-minute read

There are plenty of apps and outsourced services that individuals and organizations can leverage to make a mark on the digital space. But this democratization of tools and services to gain an online presence can lead to oversaturation. Messages get buried in the newsfeed every five seconds. To make your messaging stick, return to the basics of branding.

Topics: Branding, Company News

Gaining Clarity on Corporate Office Branding

Posted by Kyle Edralin - February 8, 2017 • 5-minute read

“Friendly” is a term used to describe people, crowds, a server at a restaurant or your neighbor's dog. It means something that can respond to your affections, or at the very least, something that can engage with you in a personal, real-time, and pleasant way of doing so.

Topics: Branding

Face Value: Building Brand Loyalty through Social Media Engagement

Posted by Maria Ysabel Go - October 25, 2016 • 5-minute read

When it comes to social media, it’s not just about the number of likes and followers
you have. Although this is a vital part, there’s so much more to social media measurement than just this.

Topics: Branding, Social Media Marketing

Brand New: How We Gave AMBA a Makeover

Posted by Mikael Angelo Francisco - September 30, 2016 • 4-minute read


The one constant in life is change. For a marketing agency to stay ahead in the branding game, change shouldn’t just be acknowledged — it needs to be embraced.

Topics: Branding, Creative Design, HubSpot

4 Branding & Visual Identity Rules (and How To Break Them)

Posted by Robert Soriano - June 25, 2015 • 5-minute read

People often think that branding and the visual identity of a company are one and the same. However, real branding goes beyond the visuals. Instead, branding expresses what a company (and its products/services) is all about. Yes, some aspects of it may be visual, but in reality, it is a complex concept that just can’t be confined in a singular medium.

Topics: Branding, Creative Design

Your Style of Success: Building Personal Branding Online

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - January 29, 2015 • 3-minute read

Everyone strives to be known in the market, and it’s definitely a challenge to make a name for yourself in the industry. How can you effectively promote yourself to your clients and gain their favor in the midst of tight competition?

These days, there are different methods available for those who are seeking to gain the attention of their prospective audience. One of the most effective ways is through personal branding.

Topics: Branding

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