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Your Style of Success: Building Personal Branding Online

Posted by Lorraine Soldevilla - January 29, 2015 • 3-minute read

Everyone strives to be known in the market, and it’s definitely a challenge to make a name for yourself in the industry. How can you effectively promote yourself to your clients and gain their favor in the midst of tight competition?

These days, there are different methods available for those who are seeking to gain the attention of their prospective audience. One of the most effective ways is through personal branding.

Topics: Creative Design

Rebranding StraightArrow: Creating for the World

Posted by Ivy D. Polea - November 6, 2014 • 3-minute read

Whats in a logo? From its etymology, “logo” is the shortened form of the word “logotype”. Logos is the Greek for “word” or “speech” and túpos, for “mark” or “impression.Combined, these words take on a new meaning: a mark or an image representing a word or a message.

This year, StraightArrow launches our new company and team logos as part of a rebranding effort to communicate what we stand for in a much clearer way.

Topics: Creative Design, Company News

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