What’s the Best Social Media Platform for your Business?

Posted by Melody Osorio - January 30, 2019 • 7-minute read

What's the Best Social Media Platform for your Business?

Social Media is ever-changing and its population has grown rapidly to almost 1 million new users in the last year. According to We Are Social, there’s also a large number of the older generation joining the social media craze. It is, indeed, a great time for marketers and business alike to do proper social media monitoring and identify where your customers and prospects are.

With over 3 billion people in different social media platforms, it is the best place to test out the full potential of your business. From brand awareness to making sales, it’s all possible in the social media universe.

Of course, you need to keep in mind that not all social media platforms will work for your business.  First, you should draft a well thought out social media marketing strategy. This is where you identify your goals, then evaluate and closely examine what’s the best social media platform that will help you maximize your marketing efforts:


Facebook is a wide-reaching platform that has users worldwide. It is important to know what social media metrics you want to follow for each platform. Facebook is most effective for gaining reach, engagement, views, impressions, and driving traffic to links included in the post. Even with its fair share of backlash and negative press, it is still business as usual.

Some industries that can best maximize Facebook for their businesses are retail, media, financial services, and health care. If you're in the sports or automotive industry, a great content strategy would be your best ally to thrive in this platform. 



Instagram is a highly visual platform. There’s an unwritten rule on posting high-quality images and curating content that is aesthetically pleasing.. Having a theme, or following a certain color palette is one of the best ways to make your Instagram feed stand out.

The recent changes in the platform’s algorithm puts the most relevant posts at the top of a user’s feed. One factor that the algorithm considers is the relationship between users. By this, we mean that if a follower often likes or interacts with your posts, your account will be prioritized on their feed. With this in mind, it is in your best interest to have frequent to high engagement on your posts. Although a person’s interest also has a weigh in on this. Viewing things repeatedly will prompt Instagram to show related posts on their discover page or feed (if it is a sponsored post).

If you’re part of industries such as travel, fashion, and beauty, food, as well as interior design—this platform could work wonders for you. 91% of consumers prefer visually interactive content and pairing off the traditional text with visual elements can help encourage brand retention. Showing people exactly what you are selling and making information more digestible through the use of infographics will help your brand in the long run.

Unlike other social media platforms, where you can easily link your landing pages or websites, using links isn’t much of an option on Instagram. The practice instead, is to tag brands or people in the actual photo and include hashtags in the caption.

Instagram post egg

Image source: World Record Golden Egg

Take the most liked Instagram photo for example. This golden egg was posted last 5 January 2019 with the goal to beat the previously most liked photo which was Kylie Jenner’s birth announcement with 18 million likes — and it did. The golden egg gained over 36 million likes and continues to do so day by day.




Twitter is considered a news platform as it has one of the fastest moving feeds among all the social media platforms. International news, gossip, and anything trending across the world can be seen on Twitter. In fact, 75% of users check the text-based website daily to get updates. As a plus, the platform also allows users the ability to post videos and images, and features Periscope, as its live video platform.

If your product caters to business-to-consumer (B2C), Twitter is the platform for you. It can serve as a customer relations platform, where brands can proactively engage with their customers, and where some industry leaders can leverage and reach audiences.

Jumping onto a trending hashtag or creating your own can increase the visibility of your brand. If they are looking for something specific or they are following the hashtags you chose, as is joining the worldwide conversation — though keep in mind that it should always be related to your brand.




LinkedIn is the platform where professionals connect and build their network. It also gives its users access to job listings, news, and industry updates—as opposed to relying on media content.

Think of it as your typical social media platform, only your mandate is more professional and direct for business.  As of 2018, 61 million users on LinkedIn are senior level influencers and 40 million are decision makers. If your product is business-to-business (B2B), this platform is the best place to engage with your market, as it generates 80% of B2B social media leads.

So make sure to complete the necessary information on your page and begin sharing content that matters. Highlight the best things about your brand, customize your call-to-action, and even sponsor your best performing posts.   

Other things that can help with lead generation on LinkedIn are proactively asking and giving recommendations, looking for prospective clients to grow a lead database; and of course, researching your competition. The platform doesn’t only encourage connections but also serves as an avenue to grow a community of link-minded parties.


Social Media is a handy tool for businesses and individuals alike. And as responsible social media users, our job is to keep our consumers informed by staying up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends.

When we conceptualize content let’s remember that our products and services should be accompanied by relevant, timely, and fact-based information.  And should you face challenges in turning your visions into actual executions, there are always professionals who can help.

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