Head of Human Resources

The Head of Human Resources is an active member of StraightArrow’s Senior Leadership Team (ManCom).

He/she is in charge of overseeing all aspects of human resources/talent management, its practices, and operations in order to meet the needs of the constantly evolving StraightArrow business.

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To inform his/her decisions, he/she is committed to professional development, keeps up with the latest industry trends and best practices, playing an active role in the industry, and participating in relevant events, seminars, and workshops. He/she ensures the optimal performance of the Department, which in turn influences the performance of the entire company.

The Head of TaMa function is highly collaborative. As such, he/she needs to work closely with fellow ManCom members as well as other employees in an effort to better understand, analyze, and support the needs for the business, leading to the subsequent development of competitive TaMa strategies.

As a Head of Human Resources, you will:

  • Lead, Manage and Hold the TaMa Department Accountable (LMA): The most prominent role of the Head of TaMa is his/her leadership role where he/she leads the TaMa thinking in order to anticipate the innovation of change initiatives that results in the recruitment of employees that are a right fit for the company, as well as initiatives that results in high engagement, productivity, organizational efficiency, and cost effectiveness.
  • Strategy: The Head of TaMa is responsible for formulating V/TO-aligned strategies that lead to quality and depth in the talent employed by StraightArrow. He/she develops comprehensive strategic recruitment and retention plans that meet StraightArrow’s human capital needs. This responsibility is inclusive of leadership and employee development, with a focus on harnessing individual talent into strengths within the StraightArrow culture. Additionally, he/she functions as a strategic business advisor to StraightArrow leaders with regard to business and management issues as it relates to TaMa.
  • Compensation & Benefits: The Head of TaMa is tasked with developing and implementing comprehensive, creative and competitive compensation and benefit strategies to retain “Right People/Right Seat” employees, supporting the objective of StraightArrow to help every employee live a good life.
  • TaMa Analytics: The Head of TaMa is accountable for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting TaMa data with the end in view of identifying issues, opportunities, needs, gaps, and risks. He/she leads the Department in the analysis and evaluation of employee behavior and performance, identification of gaps, and creation of strategies based on the insights derived from hard data. He/she shares the findings of his/her analyses to StraightArrow’s leadership for use in decision-making and issues-solving.
  • Compliance with Labor Laws - The Head of TaMa is responsible for ensuring StraightArrow’s compliance with Philippine Labor Laws and contractual obligations with Clients. Whenever needed, he/she intervenes and mediates conflicts in a manner that exemplifies StraightArrow's core values and results in a resolution that is for StraightArrow's greater good.

Minimum and Preferred Education & Experience:

  • Master’s Degree or other proof of advanced education in the field of Human Resource Management
  • At least 10 years of experience in a senior Human Resources position, a  senior leader in the HR Organization of a small to medium enterprise, with experience in working remotely
  • Strong communication skills
  • Digitally savvy and proficient in MS Office & Google Applications
  • Organizational development skills: The Head of TaMa must exhibit strong organizational development skills/ background to ensure the success of HR strategies
  • Analytical Skills: Any candidate for this position must demonstrate exceptionally strong analytical skills, having an ability to summarize, analyze, draw conclusions and insights from and clearly present data and information.
  • Interpersonal Skills: The Head of TaMa will have a passion for service, be self-motivated, needing minimal or no supervision, have naturally persuasive abilities, have excellent negotiation skills, and have excellent problem solving skills.
  • Proactive and goes beyond the call of duty, work comfortably with senior leaders within and outside StraightArrow, have an ability to handle multiple tasks, have an ability to prioritize and meet tight deadlines, be comfortable working in a fast-paced and constantly evolving environment, be welcoming to change, and demonstrate composure during times of uncertainty and stress
  • Amenable to work remotely Mondays to Fridays on a dayshift to midshift work schedule, and has stable internet connection

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