Create for the World: Supporting A
Real-estate Company’s Growth

In this digital marketing case study, we not only helped one real estate company provide value to their existing customer base, but we also provided the strategy and execution to grow their business through excellence in creative process outsourcing.


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1 website vs
3 separate sites

1 streamlined and improved website from 3 separate domains to serve their target audiences with information that they need, when they need it.

12.08% LinkedIn growth vs
5% benchmark

12.08% average month-on-month LinkedIn Follower Growth in 2021. This is higher than the 5% industry benchmark average for this social platform.

11.33% Web Traffic growth vs
6% benchmark

average month-on-month increase in organic pageviews for their newly-launched blog in 2021. This is higher than the 6% industry benchmark for monthly growth.


Running a business in today’s economic climate requires a lot of planning and consideration. For Imagine Homes Management, a real estate and single-family rental company, they needed to provide consistent value to both the acquisition and property management side of the real estate business, while also leveraging marketing assets to drive continued business growth.


To keep pace with their business’ rapid growth, the client required support for back-end processes (accounting, leasing, customer service, operations, and property support), as well as creative muscle to streamline their website and improve their overall marketing strategy.


Our approach was two-fold. One team provides dedicated support for back-end processes, ensuring that Imagine Homes is capable of meeting their benchmark of providing “best-in-class experiences”. The other focused on ad hoc marketing initiatives including an audit of existing assets, improvements to the overall website, and now continues support for content marketing initiatives in the form of monthly blogs and social media management.

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