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For forward-thinking, small-to-medium entrepreneurs who want to build and grow online presence quickly while minimizing cash outlay.

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Attract and generate leads with a marketing approach that puts customers first. Hit targets and establish online presence with effective tools and strategies.

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Creative Design

Communicate and execute brand identity effectively with a broad range of intuitive design capabilities for both online and print collaterals.

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Creative Technology

Develop lead generating online assets⁠—from email templates to websites⁠—with a range of inbound marketing and eCommerce functionalities.


Creating value for the world means understanding the ever-evolving industry demands and developing innovative solutions to support the jobs that the market needs to get done.

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Generate better insights with this heatmap tracking tool that helps improve websites for better lead conversion.

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A subscription-based website building solution that helps businesses build their online presence—fast, easy, and a fraction of the usual cost.

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Get work done in a blink with this online scheduling and client management tool designed to help independent business owners and solopreneurs manage their workload.

Setting the groundwork and piloting projects early on with StraightArrow enabled our in-house DXC Creative Services team to scale very rapidly to meet the high volume demand necessary to move all legacy company assets to the new DXC.Technology brand. StraightArrow was instrumental in making this large, complex initiative happen on time and on target. Ultimately, with their talent and expertise, we were able to achieve great success at low cost and managed to save DXC over $1.1M.

Kristi Hughes

Global Director, Creative Services

DXC Technology

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The team we work with is flexible, cooperative, and talented.

Patrizia Marzola

Senior Manager, Creative Services

DXC Technology

DXC logo name transparent

StraightArrow has been a positive experience with thorough communication and easy access to the team.

Jennifer Harper

Senior Manager, Creative Services

DXC Technology

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StraightArrow quickly understood the way we worked, mapping out and mirroring our workflows, and becoming familiar with our systems. [StraightArrow is] used extensively across RBI as well as RELX. They’re a great bunch of dedicated, flexible, hard-working, and committed individuals hence their relationship with not only RBI but RELX has flourished.

Louise Colligan

Former Head, Demand Centre

Reed Business Information


Both parties have worked on improving communication and the consistent delivery of quality work. Over the last five years, I’ve been very impressed with StraightArrow’s ability to scale and get better with scale, which in a services business is always impressive.

If you ask people in Sprinklr, they will have heard there’s a team in Manila, and they’ll have no idea it’s a separate company… No one really knows what StraightArrow is. It’s just, they’re the team in Manila.

I recommend StraightArrow often and with confidence that the quality of service they will provide will be excellent.

Diogo Freire

Former Vice President


Sprinklr logo

We specialize in Finance and Accounting Outsourcing, including audit support solutions. We hired StraightArrow to help develop an optimized website on the HubSpot COS, and also to provide inbound marketing services. They keep you involved with meetings throughout the entire process, and they were able to help us create professional content for our blogs. They are experts with HubSpot and very professional. We are very happy with our new site and we would highly recommend StraightArrow!

Jennifer Santos

Senior Director, Marketing

D&V Philippines Outsourcing Inc


The team is very responsive and goes [through] a lot of effort to understand our business so they can provide the best value service available. Nothing is too much trouble, and the team is proactive in helping us to grow the business. Thank you to the team at StraightArrow.

Scott Enfield

National Sales Manager


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[StraightArrow is] so good at what it is doing… It makes my life really easy at [their] side.

Nilou Sadaty

Marketing Consultant

HotSpot Shield


GWAVA is a Canadian software vendor providing unified archiving and messaging security. StraightArrow helped us make the move from our WordPress system to the HubSpot COS. Our headquarters for EMEA is based in Germany and we had big problems to find certified HubSpot partners in the D-A-CH region. That’s why we in the end decided to hire StraightArrow. After a complete redesign, our website is now responsive and optimized for both lead generation and SEO. Despite different time zones and native languages, our communication was extremely easy and transparent. StraightArrow is now maintaining our website and we are already planning some great new projects. We love working with StraightArrow!

Thomas Buddendick

Former Senior Manager, Marketing



A true partner. About 1.5 years ago we started working with StraightArrow. We’ve been on a journey together where we came from a situation where our company hardly did anything related to digital marketing. Right now, we can say we made some big steps with the help of StraightArrow. They helped us with developing a new website, professionalizing our social media efforts, and continuously supporting [us with tasks] related to SEO, email marketing, sales enablement, etc. I’m looking forward to continue working with StraightArrow.

Patrick Plitjter

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


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