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We credit our success to our team of great people who share, collaborate, and continuously grow with each other guided by our core values. If you identify with these values, join our team and let's create for the world together.


Why StraightArrow?


You grow as we grow

StraightArrow is a pioneer of creative process outsourcing. We are growing fast and provide many career opportunities.


Hone your skills

Expect to develop your skills not just in your role but through company-provided or sponsored training and certification programs and opportunities to collaborate with creatives and marketers with different areas of expertise.


Work with industry leaders

We invest time and energy in matching each team member with the clients and projects that best match their strengths and their career aspirations. We are always working to find ways to help team members realize their full potential.


  • flexible Work Arrangement Icon
    Flexible Work Arrangement
    • Default Work From Home (WFH) Setup
    • Optional Work From Office (WFO)
    • Monthly WFH Allowance
    • Meal provisions & transportation assistance during WFO
  • Benefits Package Icon
    Above-Industry Standards Benefits Package
    • 21 days of Paid Time Off
    • Birthday Cash Gift, 5th & 10th Year Anniversary Bonus
    • Loan Facilities
    • Accident, Disability, Terminal Illness, and Life Insurance
  • Mental Health Icon
    Mental Health
    • Paid Mental Health Leave
    • Unlimited Mental Health Consultation
    • Up to 3 Therapy Sessions for Mental Health
    • Wellness Wednesdays
  • Wellness Program Icon
    Wellness Program
    • Health & Dental Coverage
    • Annual Physical Examination & Outpatient benefit
    • Unlimited in-house Medical Consultation (extended to dependents)
    • HMO Coverage for Dependents
  • Collaborative Culture Icon
    Collaborative Culture
    • Hybrid Monthly Town Halls
    • Hybrid Company Celebrations / Events
    • Employee Recognition Initiatives
    • Employee Feedback Programs
  • Career Growth Icon
    Career Growth & Development
    • Weekly, Quarterly Check-ins & Annual Performance Reviews
    • HubSpot Training & Certification
    • Technical Skills Training
    • Learning & Development Workshops

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We look for people committed to the bigger picture: those who contribute to their team, are attentive to the needs of a global market, and who are participative in the shared work of creating for the world.

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I have worked for other companies before, and I can confidently say that my experience here at StraightArrow has been the most positive. Working at SA always brings me the feeling of connectedness. Imagine working for a company that values ideas and open dialogue. I’m just happy to be here.

Llana Robles

Social Media Specialist

Operations APAC/EMEA


One of SA's core values that I appreciate is being a "Team of Great People." In our team, we treat each other like family. You will not be shy to approach your colleagues or ask for help when needed. It starts with our team lead, who is very supportive and understanding. Being part of this team is one of the reasons why I love working at SA, but what I like the most is the company's commitment to growing the business and consistently looking to improve its culture.

Angel Retolado

Accounts Receivable Specialist



What I really like about StraightArrow is that core values are emphasized, practiced, and followed by all, not just by those who are rank-and-file but also the leaders – it's WHO we are. The emphasis on those values is one of the things that I have not seen nor experienced from other companies.

Jobert Simacas

Creative Tech Specialist & SME

Operations APAC/EMEA

Testimonial - Bert Simacas

StraightArrow emphasizes the importance of employees’ career growth by providing valuable training that is timely to the changes in the industry.

I always doubted my marketing skills, but StraightArrow has helped me hone my skills and confidently use them. The company taught me the importance of data-driven decisions and establishing processes that help clients and team members in their day-to-day lives.

Jieo Franco Lobrio

Team Leader

Operations APAC/EMEA


Working with StraightArrow has helped with my career growth immensely. They provided me with the necessary training needed for my role and honed my skills to unleash my full potential. It also helped that I was part of a team of great people that makes working with them very enjoyable.

JD Soriano

Marketing Automations Specialist & SME

Operations APAC/EMEA

Testimonial - JD Soriano

When I came to StraightArrow, all my marketing experience was self-taught. They saw my potential. I had gaps that needed to be addressed. I can say that career-wise, SA is the reason I get to do what I love most: helping people and exploring different ways to tell human stories.

Noelle Grace Pico

Assistant Team Leader

Operations AMER

Noelle Pico

I've been in different companies before, but it's in StraightArrow that I've stayed the longest. When it comes to growth and development opportunities, SA gave me the opportunity to hone my technical skills. I also appreciate how the company's core values are upheld and embodied in daily practices and operations.

Waldy Capulong

Assistant Team Leader



I've seen how the company has provided me an opportunity to work comfortably anywhere, anytime. StraightArrow allows for an honest workplace wherein I feel trusted to deliver my work even when our setup is mostly WFH.

In addition, the employee experience here in SA is heightened because of the endless activities that encourage engagement. SA has provided a big window for constant learning which helps us employees grow in our personal careers.

Bea Javellana

Company Nurse

Testimonial - Bea Javellana

StraightArrow promotes work-life balance. It is the only company where I haven't felt any internal politicking or bias. It is why I prefer to stay here until I retire.

Reynaldo Rossel Biazon

Operations Manager

Operations AMER

Reynaldo Biazon

StraightArrow is committed to promoting the wellness of its employees and their families. There are health and wellness services that can be extended to our loved ones, especially during the pandemic.

They make us feel that StraightArrow cares. 💜

Jennifer Eugenio

Assistant Team Leader

Health & Wellness


I was given many opportunities to make myself grow. I conquered many things because of StraightArrow’s open & honest environment.

The benefits, mental health leaves, employee engagement activities—everything I've ever dreamed of for a company are all provided. They have been consistently offered throughout my three years of stay.

StraightArrow is a company you "work with" and not "work for." I'm proud and happy to have found a company that cares.

Laura Esteban

Client Services Specialist


Laura Esteban

I enjoy working with StraightArrow. It is the first company in my eight years of working that made me feel valued. I never knew my worth professionally before StraightArrow. I am grateful for this company and the kindness of people, and the fact that the CEO cares about the employees.

Daphney Rose Ticbaen

Marketing Coordinator

Operations AMER

Daphney Ticbaen


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