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Our specialists work seamlessly together to meet clients’ creative and marketing objectives. Take a look at our portfolios and see how we execute ideas and strategies into digital marketing campaigns, website designs, and other online assets.

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Digital Marketing Portfolio

For every digital marketing campaign, we make sure to create a positive impact on our clients’ target personas wherever they may be on their buyer’s journey. Click the button below to see how our specialists can translate your goals into solutions—through optimizing conversion points to gain more leads, establishing thought leadership through blogs, improving search engine ranking, building brand presence on social media, and more.

Mobile - Portfolio - DM BG

Creative Design Portfolio

Design is all about solving problems and thinking of new ways to approach things creatively. We ensure that design and marketing best practices work hand in hand by using a conversion-centered approach and intuitive design to help clients increase leads and enable sales. Click the button below to see some of the best works from our designers—from logos and website interfaces to brand asset development and videos.

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Creative Technology Portfolio

Websites and online assets are necessary for any brand’s online presence, enabling a business to attract visitors, convert leads, and nurture them toward sales. Our web development projects were undertaken to support our clients’ goals while abiding by inbound marketing and design best practices. Click the button below to see some of our innovative development work for websites, eCommerce, and even mobile applications.

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Case Studies

We always aim to hit our clients’ objectives by providing the best creative services. Take a closer look at how we helped agencies and businesses achieve their goals. Download our case studies below.

2017 StraightArrow and LNUK Case Study
Download Case Study

LexisNexis UK Grows Marketing Team Strategically with StraightArrow

2017 StraightArrow and RBI Case Study
Download Case Study

Email at Scale: RBI
Outsources for Efficient, Scalable Output

2019 StraightArrow and DXC Case Study
Download Case Study

Far-sighted Outsourcing Strategy Saves DXC USD 1.1M on Rebranding

2017 StraightArrow and Sprinklr Case Study
Download Case Study

An Integral Part: Sprinklr’s Strategies for Effective Outsourcing

2019 StraightArrow and MatrixLED Case Study
Download Case Study

Shaping Your Marketing: A Case for Creating Processes To Align Your Internal Sales With Your Outsourced Team

2019 StraightArrow and Bridging Yoga Community
Download Case Study

Bridging the Yoga Community Worldwide through Streamlined Content

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Want to take a peek inside our creative world?

Named after the type of bow whose design stores and delivers energy with more efficiency, Recurve is not just a collection of our best work—it also offers insight into our creative world.

This digital portfolio highlights our creative skills even as we translate our clients’ marketing strategies. Each project hits the bullseye: this is StraightArrow at our best.