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Investing In Good Writing— Why It's Worth It

Posted by Mariah Shanice Basa - April 13, 2016 • 5-minute read

In the internet age, information is a commodity: content has the power to be an inexhaustible gold mine, and anything can be a million hits away from being a literal lottery jackpot. The internet is a noisy marketplace where everybody is competing for a precious second, a coveted one minute, a bustling metropolis of ideas and arguments exchanged through one, sole medium: words.

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Reason Versus Emotions

Posted by Steph Ferrer - April 6, 2016 • 5-minute read
Nowadays, with the rather overwhelming amounts of ads people are bombarded with on a daily basis, it’s hard to make your brand and product stand out in a sea of competitors all around the globe. “This is why you should buy me; the other guy doesn’t have this; only I can provide you the perfect solution to your predicament.” All these brands shouting their pros and yelling their competitors’ cons - it gets tiresome, pretty fast. So how do you get people to notice your brand without having to shove your product or service in their face?

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