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5 UX+ Conference Takeaways to Ponder On as a Creative in 2020

Posted by Cyrus Aaron - February 28, 2020 • 9-minute read

There have been a number of user experience (UX) conferences popping up around the world over the last decade. This is understandable as UX design plays an important role in providing positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. 

Topics: Creative Design, Web Development, User Experience, UX

How to Evaluate Design Work

Posted by Ari Santiago - January 10, 2018 • 4-minute read

Proper feedback is essential to all creative work. When it comes to graphic design, though, lots of feedback either ends up vague or purely subjective. Getting the best work means knowing how to evaluate a design—not based on taste, but on reason and aesthetic principles.

Topics: Creative Design

When to Implement Design Trends

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 19, 2017 • 4-minute read

Trends are inevitable in all aesthetic fields, from fine art to fashion to, of course, graphic design. Each aesthetic movement lets creators present things in ways that stay interesting, especially when the tricks and flourishes of the old seem exhausted.

Topics: Creative Design

The Underrated Value of Graphic Design Research

Posted by Ari Santiago - October 16, 2017 • 5-minute read

“It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs’s statement is true even for graphic design, which people often forget is about solving problems—not just making things pretty. When people forget that, they also tend to overlook the value of properly investigating those problems. They overlook the value of graphic design research.

Topics: Creative Design

Mood Board Design: Why It Matters

Posted by Ari Santiago - October 2, 2017 • 4-minute read

In the best design project scenarios, both client and designer get each other and the output turns out great. In less ideal situations, though, the two sides struggle to get their messages across. So how do you get more of the former and less of the latter? Usually, the answer would be “Communication!” And just as often, the frustrated follow-up would be, “But how?”

Topics: Creative Design

Evaluating a Creative Design Employee

Posted by Maria Ysabel Go - November 29, 2016 • 4-minute read

Giving and receiving constructive feedback is essential to all learning and development processes. But when evaluating visual projects of various sorts, it is easy to get lost in the world of visual communication, especially when everything feels so original, unique, or plainly subjective. Luckily, there are a number of clear criteria that can be exceptionally helpful when it comes to evaluating creative work:

Topics: Creative Design

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