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Ready, Set, Send With These Six Email Marketing Best Practices

Posted by Xenia-Chloe Villanueva - August 20, 2013 • 5-minute read

Traditional marketing involves custom logo designs, billboards, brochures and trade show displays.

These days, though, they serve as additional efforts for online marketing. A billboard will often tell consumers to go to a company's website and upon visiting it, they'll be asked if they want be part of the company’s email list.

“Does this even work?” You might ask. “How do I go on from there?”

A June 2016 survey of US marketers found that email had a median ROI of 122%, higher than other channels examined, including social media, direct mail and paid search. In their annual report for 2016, Campaign Monitor put the number at $44 in ROI for every dollar spent (up from $38 in the previous year).

These six steps will help you get started with email marketing campaigns. You’ll find that they are simple yet effective at delighting customers and readying leads for sales:

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Why Should You Advertise on Facebook? Here are 5 good reasons!

Posted by admin - August 5, 2013 • 5-minute read

The growing popularity of social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, has given companies, especially small businesses, an amazing opportunity to expand via affordable advertising.

Business owners have seen the value of services like Facebook. But, what a lot of them don't realize is that Facebook is quickly evolving from a mere social media site to a very efficient advertising tool. Large companies like Ford, Samsung, Nike, and McDonald's have invested heavily in promoting their products/brands on Facebook and the social media site actually earns $1 billion per quarter from these.

But, even if you don't have mounds of cash allotted for advertising you can still take advantage of Facebook's services. You can refer to Facebook’s guide to using its advertising tool. There, you can see the powerful targeting options that lead to a greater ROI.

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