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Play Like a Running Back: Tips for the Online Community Manager

Posted by admin - September 17, 2013 • 5-minute read

In the last game of the North American football season, the dynamo running back added 22 yards in four catches. With a quick grab of the ball upfield, he was able to jet sweep away from the opponents, spelling victory for the Arrows!

It may not sound as fun but, the life of an Online Community Manager isn’t so far off from this.

Having good eyes, sure hands, quickness and agility, a running back is crucial in any gridiron team. He performs a wide range of tasks on the field, from blocking to rushing in support of the quarterback.

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Enjoy worry-free Social Media Management – Follow the HootSuite owl!

Posted by admin - September 3, 2013 • 4-minute read

Owls -- in the Harry Potter series, they’re used as pets and couriers. In social media marketing, the owl icon leads you to a user-friendly and almost magical dashboard called HootSuite.

Social media management dashboards like HootSuite allow you to schedule your social media posts in a little over 10 minutes. This makes it easier for your brand to establish and maintain an online presence. It will help you apply your strategies on who to reach, what to post for them and, how often. It has been so hassle-free and reliable that HootSuite now boasts of having 7 million users in over 175 countries, including 237 of the Fortune 500 companies with top brands like PepsiCo, Virgin, Fox, and Sony Music.

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