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Enjoy worry-free Social Media Management – Follow the HootSuite owl!

Written by: admin
September 3, 2013 • 5-minute read

Owls -- in the Harry Potter series, they’re used as pets and couriers. In social media marketing, the owl icon leads you to a user-friendly and almost magical dashboard called HootSuite.

Social media management dashboards like HootSuite allow you to schedule your social media posts in a little over 10 minutes. This makes it easier for your brand to establish and maintain an online presence. It will help you apply your strategies on who to reach, what to post for them and, how often. It has been so hassle-free and reliable that HootSuite now boasts of having 7 million users in over 175 countries, including 237 of the Fortune 500 companies with top brands like PepsiCo, Virgin, Fox, and Sony Music.

HootSuite account dashboard StraightArrow PH

Thanks to dashboards like it, you won’t have to be tethered to the Internet to enjoy the benefits of inbound marketing through social media. These benefits include increasing ROI, connecting with like-minded professionals, recruitment, education and, empowering employees and customers.

A leading tool in social media management, streamlines your process by putting your posts in a calendar and automatically publishing them to your social media pages.

You can move your social media wizarding level up a notch by signing-up for a HootSuite account and following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and add the RSS feed link of your blog to the RSS/Atom box. The RSS or really simple syndication feed helps you share your content automatically. You can go to your blog and look for the orange button to get your RSS feed link.
  2. Add your different social media accounts under Social Networks. SAC Social Media Associate Venus Rabbi says you can share up to 5 networks on HootSuite. Choose among Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Wordpress, MySpace, Foursquare and more.
  3. Schedule your posts in the HootSuite Publisher. You can access this through the paper plane icon. There, you can set publishing dates and times and add introductory texts. The Publisher also has options for tagging. This helps you organize your content better according to the different kinds of leads and audiences you have.

After that, you can check how far your posts have come using two methods. You can login to your HootSuite account and go to the Analytics tab. You can also login to a particular social network and go to your HootSuite App. You can click on the owl icon to view that profile or page’ performance stats. You’ll be able to see how many people liked, shared, saw or commented on your posts.

In Twitter, HootSuite helps you increase your followers with TweetAdder. This feature promotes your tweets to filtered and responsive Twitter users. You can even add a location to find people who are close to your office, site or shop.

You can use social media management dashboards like HootSuite to schedule and tracks posts in bulk so you can spend the rest of your time worrying about your business. These dashboards really are clever tools for getting your message across to and making memorable experiences for your target audience.

StraightArrow is a proud partner of Hootsuite. And we can be your partner too. We can help you manage your social media presence especially if you have multiple online pages. Sign up with us and enjoy worry-free social media marketing.


About the Author
Xenia-Chloe H. Villanueva is a Communications Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. When not writing copy or developing concepts, she reviews movies for a Webbie-award nominated blog. She also jogs, cooks and contributes to independent poetry projects

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