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Looking Back: Top Instagram Updates of 2017

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 28, 2017 • 6-minute read

Over the past year, Instagram has introduced several updates that have changed it significantly. Some were more remarkable than others, but all of Instagram’s updates have served to make it better for both business-related and personal uses. Businesses now enjoy improvements in ads, customer engagement, and analytics. Users, meanwhile, can more easily keep up with their interests, including options for sharing and saving posts they like.

Topics: Digital Marketing

Developing A Marketing Strategy Using Traction EOS

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 22, 2017 • 6-minute read

A good marketing strategy is essential to the success of any great business. Without the in-depth, long-term planning that such a strategy requires, any company would find its successes challenged time and again by the volatile whims of their market.

Topics: Digital Marketing, Business

When to Implement Design Trends

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 19, 2017 • 4-minute read

Trends are inevitable in all aesthetic fields, from fine art to fashion to, of course, graphic design. Each aesthetic movement lets creators present things in ways that stay interesting, especially when the tricks and flourishes of the old seem exhausted.

Topics: Creative Design

Digital Recap: New Google SEO Starter Guide and a History of Updates

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 15, 2017 • 4-minute read

In this recap of recent digital marketing highlights, we look at the new and the old. A new Google SEO Starter Guide—its first update in years—has been released. Furthermore, SERPs have been modified to feature more extended snippets. 

Topics: Digital Marketing News, Digital Marketing

A Quick Look at the Magento Ecommerce Platform

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 11, 2017 • 4-minute read

According to data from Statista, over 60% of internet users worldwide have made purchases online. Their combined purchases amount to just over USD 2.1 billion. And as these numbers are poised to rise, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are getting into ecommerce.

Topics: Web Development

Snapchat’s Redesign and Other Social Media Stories

Posted by Ari Santiago - December 7, 2017 • 5-minute read

When Snapchat first emerged earlier this decade, it started out as something of a curiosity, but one that rapidly gained popularity. As a cultural phenomenon, it inspired not just a few copycats, but an entire social media trend of bite-sized videos and vanishing content. 

Topics: Digital Marketing News, Digital Marketing

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