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John Kenneth Castro

Kenjo is a Content Marketing Specialist with an eagle’s eye against gobbledygook and mediocrity. He finds watching some TV series a time off from the mundane things of his daily tasks.

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Create for the World: Supporting A Real Estate Company’s Growth

Posted by John Kenneth Castro - November 9, 2022 • 4-minute read

Running a business in today’s economic climate requires a lot of planning and consideration. You need to be able to provide value to your customers consistently while keeping your costs down. Large corporations have it easy: with dedicated departments for various aspects of their business, they have the resources needed to maximize their profits, and ensure great customer service, while also marketing themselves.

Given all that, how are small to medium-sized businesses supposed to compete when they only have access to limited resources? What they could do is work with industry experts who understand their needs and provide support through creative process outsourcing (CPO).

Topics: Business, Case Study

Hybrid Work Model: Get Work Done When and Where You’re Most Productive

Posted by John Kenneth Castro - October 6, 2022 • 9-minute read

In most modern enterprises, hybrid work schedules are gaining acceptance and will likely stay that way for the foreseeable future. More and more people are expressing a preference to working from home and businesses are taking notice.

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