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Inbound Marketing: Reaching Out by Reeling Them In

Written by: Monique Dimanlig
February 26, 2015 • 3-minute read


Lead generation has changed. Ask any online marketing specialist—what might have worked as recently as five years ago won’t work very well for an audience that has an ever-dwindling attention span, and even less patience for intrusive, in-your-face methods.

The bottom line that we at StraightArrow understands is: When people are online, they are looking for something. They are probably looking for an answer to a problem, or how to solve it. This is also probably why everyone seems to hate popup ads—it gets in the way of finding what they need. They simply don’t have time to deal with the direct, product-centered advertising that has been the norm for years. 

Popups, intrusive ads, email blasts, cold calling—all of these things (which fall under the generous umbrella of “Outbound Marketing”) are more likely to drive leads away, as opposed to the new method of lead generation that is currently changing how things are done online: inbound marketing.

The Difference Between Inbound and Outbound

Outbound marketing and its methods—the cold calls, email blasts, popup ads, and other things that seem to interrupt the daily consciousness—have been the normal tactic for decades. Over time, they have become increasingly less effective. This is mainly because everyone making use of this tactic, which means that every user is frantically bombarded by products and companies hawking their wares at them from every click. This is how blocking extensions and stricter spam filters got more popular: No one wants to see these things anymore, and they will find ways to not get them. For the more savvy users, they can even detect when a page or a post is just a shill to sell something—they will leave the page right away and find a different source that is “more reliable.” 

Inbound marketing, on the other hand, draws your audience to you. People are usually online because they’re looking for the answer to a question. Inbound Marketing addresses that need by getting into the mind of the target buyer for a specific company or product. Through a series of information-rich posts and blogs, they draw potential leads and buyers to their page by giving them correct, concise information pertaining to whatever query they might have. 

For example, a gardening company is trying to get the attention of people who need landscaping. Inbound marketing considers the mindset of these people and what they would be looking for online. Perhaps wondering how mulch can be applied to their garden? StraightArrow’s specialists can then create a post addressing mulch, its uses, and how to work it into a garden. The information will draw the buyers in, and they will keep reading the post to get the information they need. There’s no blatant flogging of the wares here—just the information and answers that the customer needs. And if they were interested, they could click a link that would lead them to a local company that knows a great deal about mulch, and how the company could help them.

And just like that—you have their attention.

Change how you do your marketing

Inbound Marketing and its methods are changing the way marketing is done online. Through the latest HubSpot software, tools, and solutions for content, design, analytics, and search engine optimization, StraightArrow is able to give customers the increased traffic and larger customer base that they are looking for.

StraightArrow Corporation, in partnership with GetCre8ive, will be holding Strictly Inbound: How to Leverage Inbound Marketing in the Philippines, a two-hour event in celebration of Inbound Marketing Week on March 4, 2015 at Balesin Islander Restaurant, The City Club, Alphaland, Makati, Philippines. 

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Monique Dimanlig
Monique Dimanlig
Monique Dimanlig is a Communication Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. When not writing for international clients, she continues to create for the world through her engaging fiction stories and cosplay adventures. Oh, and she knits, too!



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