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How Creative Agencies can Benefit from Outsourcing Content

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 30, 2016 • 3-minute read

While content marketing is a relatively recent phenomenon, its benefits are well-established: it costs about half as much as traditional or outbound marketing, and generates up to thrice as many leads. Naturally, most creative and digital marketing agencies have content teams at the core of their operations, and outsourcing content may seem like a foreign notion, or worse, a tacit admission of uncertainty in their own content creating capabilities.

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Service is our Brand: Why Choose Asia's Work Culture for Outsourcing

Posted by Marti Rodriguez - August 27, 2016 • 6-minute read

These days, more and more companies are entrusting their processes to offshore providers. But outsourcing is not limited to call services anymore; different fields like public relations, human resources, administration, and even creative processing have already begun to capitalize on this trend.

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Making room: How Office Spaces Can Affect Creativity

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 25, 2016 • 5-minute read

Modern design is guided by the principle that “form follows function.” In office planning, this shows in the ways workspaces are arranged to maximise workers’ output while minimising required resources, especially precious floor space. This has made two familiar workspace schemes all but ubiquitous: labyrinthine warrens of cubicles, with workers isolated to attend ceaselessly to their tasks; and large, shared desks where they sit elbow to elbow, divisions discarded as needless obstacles to efficient communication.

Topics: Creative Design

Breaking the Jargon: Understanding Social Media Marketing Terms

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 23, 2016 • 5-minute read

Once considered a curiosity of the digital age, social media now figures in most companies’ marketing strategies. Boasting relatively low costs and a wide potential audience of over two billion active users, the appeal of social media platforms is self-evident.

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Do Less, Achieve More: How Outsourcing Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Posted by Steph Ferrer - August 20, 2016 • 3-minute read

You can classify the things you do into three categories: things you do because you’re most productive doing them, things you do because they require your full attention, and finally, the mundane tasks that you do in order to get those other two sorts done—and these can take up quite a bit of time.

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Breaking the Jargon: More Inbound Marketing Terms

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 18, 2016 • 7-minute read

This is a companion piece to our earlier post, which introduced some basic concepts in inbound marketing. If you aren’t yet familiar with the basics of inbound, we recommend reading our earlier piece. If you’ve read it or are already familiar with the basic terms of inbound, then go right ahead.

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Breaking the Jargon: Inbound Marketing Terms

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 16, 2016 • 7-minute read

Inbound marketing has turned the principles of traditional marketing upside down—and produced impressive results. For this reason, many businesses have made, or are making the shift to inbound. Along with the change in how things are done, however, is a change in the way things are talked about.

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Surreal Reality: How AR and VR are Changing the Marketing Landscape

Posted by Steph Ferrer - August 13, 2016 • 5-minute read

Most people are by now familiar with, or at least have heard of, the technology of augmented reality and virtual reality. This comes as no surprise as the number of brands and apps that make use of these media have significantly increased in a small amount of time. And thanks to brands like Samsung and apps like Pokémon GO, the reality of having warped realities is becoming the new norm.

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Reasons Why Australians Outsource to the Philippines

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 11, 2016 • 3-minute read

The past years have seen a rise in the number of businesses that outsource operations to overseas companies, as well as in the variety of tasks that can be offshored in this way. Offshoring was once the territory of large companies, which used it to gain considerable advantages over competitors. These days, however, it is an option even for medium and small enterprises. It has also become a more appealing strategy, given advancements in technology, which bring logistical ease, as well as a widening variety of operations that can be outsourced—ranging from back office tasks to contact services; IT and engineering support to creative processes.

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Office Order: Keeping Your Workspace Clean, Safe and Secure

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 9, 2016 • 5-minute read

The best workers and the best offices have much in common. Where the former are efficient, dependable and diligent, the latter are orderly, secure and well-maintained. This is so partly because good offices are conducive to productivity, often so pervasively that workers scarcely even notice. Unfortunately, the reverse can be true as well: workers who are used to working in a poor environment may not realize many of their problems stem from an uncontrolled workspace.

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How Finance and Accounting Firms Benefit from Content Outsourcing

Posted by Angel Regondola - August 4, 2016 • 3-minute read

It is not unusual for businesses nowadays to try and do everything on their own - they do their own books, manage their own workforce, and even go as far as planning and executing their own marketing and content strategies. Finance and accounting firms are no different. Seeing as how a DIY style of business management can help business owners cut costs, a lot of  them opt to wear many hats all at once. The danger here, of course, is the possibility of compromising quality and ROI over saving a few dollars. But what if there’s a way to get better value for your money and experience many other incentives by reassigning other tasks to the experts? Would you take that opportunity?

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When to Schedule a Website Redesign

Posted by Ari Santiago - August 2, 2016 • 5-minute read

Sometimes thrilling, sometimes daunting, but certainly never dull—such is the prospect of a website redesign. A bearer of branding, lure of leads and caller of customers, the website almost always lies at the heart of a company’s online presence, fed by tributaries from ads, search engines and social media. With such importance placed on it, even a small change can have considerable effects. And with so many functions, there are almost innumerable possibilities for change.

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