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Do Less, Achieve More: How Outsourcing Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Written by: Steph Ferrer
August 20, 2016 • 4-minute read

Do Less, Achieve More: How Outsourcing Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

You can classify the things you do into three categories: things you do because you’re most productive doing them, things you do because they require your full attention, and finally, the mundane tasks that you do in order to get those other two sorts done—and these can take up quite a bit of time.

Each kind of task is important to your business in different ways, with some more critical than others. To make the most of your team’s time, the idea is to know which tasks you can afford to hand over to someone else so you can redirect your efforts at more important tasks, critical and creative ones that can put your business ahead of the competition.


Outsourcing is a good way to free up your time for the things that need your attention and the things you do best. It’s one way for you to improve your business’ efficiency as well. But before you jump at the first outsourcing company you can find, here are a few things to consider:

  • What tasks can you outsource? Some companies outsource their accounting needs, while others outsource tasks that are low value, meaning they are not as important as the other tasks you have to manage that are really time-sensitive and count for a lot in the business. Some outsource menial or repetitive tasks, like data entry or inventory tracking, which take lots of time away from more productive pursuits. Some also outsource highly specialised tasks, like graphic design and website development, which are better done by experts in that field.

  • Know how your team can make use of their extra time with outsourcing.You’re not freeing up their time just for the fun of it. Know ahead what tasks most need your team’s focus and how you can allocate the extra time effectively. This can also help you eliminate the tasks that you can afford to hand over to someone else, and know what tasks you and your team should prioritise.

  • Learn to let go of the tasks you’re handing over. It’s bad enough to have tasks you lack time or motivation to carry out, but if you can’t entrust them to anyone else either—because you think they won’t do it just the way you do it—you’re simply compounding your troubles. Whether perfectionism or paranoia, you have to let go of it for the outsourcing process to be successful.

  • However, letting other people do the tasks doesn’t mean you are abandoning it altogether. Set goals with the outsourcing agency to whom you’re entrusting the tasks and don’t forget to check up on regularly to make sure you’re getting the results you want.

It goes without saying that everything in business has risks, including outsourcing. But when done right, the benefits you’ll reap from it will be great for you and your team. Your overall internal process will be smoother and more efficient, and you’ll be able to focus on the tasks that are top priority.

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Steph Ferrer
Steph Ferrer
Stephanie Ferrer is a Social Media Associate at StraightArrow Corporation. On days this Potterhead/full-time geek doesn’t have her nose in a book or making artwork, you can usually find her in movie theaters or binge-watching films and TV series. She hasn’t been everywhere in the world yet, but it’s on her list. She also thinks the world would be better if everything were made of ice cream.



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