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Manila HUG 2019: Embracing a Strategy that Puts Customers First

Posted by Neima Chowdhury - June 25, 2019 • 8-minute read

Prioritizing customers is an unwritten rule in business. Almost everyone knows that in order to support business success, you have to employ customer-first strategy. However, companies are falling behind when it comes to the application of this principle. This realization is among the key takeaways of Filipino marketers who attended the first 2019 Manila HubSpot User Group (HUG) gathering held on May 21, 2019. Hosted by StraightArrow Corporation and its sister companies, GetCre8tive Corporation and Creative Nation Academy, this is the second HUG event in the country following the first run 4 years ago.

Topics: HubSpot, HubSpot User Groups, Manila HUG, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing

Biggest Content Marketing Challenges Businesses Face (And How To Solve Them)

Posted by Rani Debil - June 18, 2019 • 7-minute read

One of the most common misconceptions about content marketing is that it’s simple, easy, and can be done by just about anyone. People think that all they have to do is create content, click “Publish,” and watch the numbers roll in.

This simplistic (and incorrect) approach fails to account for the complexities of content marketing, as well as the hard work and brainpower that goes into crafting great content. These assumptions can also lead to content marketing challenges down the road for businesses.

Topics: content marketing

Unearthing your Brand's Aesthetic on Instagram

Posted by Nic David - June 11, 2019 • 13-minute read

Here’s an open secret—people are attracted to a well-managed brand aesthetic. But what some content creators and curators fail to realize is that there is such a thing as being too visual. This is a mistake that even established brands can make, which can result in losing the message they want to communicate to their market.

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Social Media

EOS Scorecards: Measuring Success in Outsourced Marketing Services

Posted by Noelle Pico - June 6, 2019 • 9-minute read

When we rate or score, what we’re doing is measuring the level of success. It all boils down to how well a job gets done so that the effort spent is reflected: How does a student make sure that they graduate on time with their class? How do you know if your business is doing well?

For creative agencies that outsource their marketing services, the questions become: How can digital marketing teams deliver quality output in a consistent and timely fashion? How do they meet their clients’ needs? The answer can be as simple as scorecards.

Topics: Corporate Culture, Business Psychology, Agency Management or Growth

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