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Level Up Your Social Media Marketing in 2016

Written by: Alyssa Ashley Cruz
February 29, 2016 • 5-minute read
Level Up Your Social Media Marketing in 2016
Social media is ever-changing, and each year, social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter update their features. Ditch your old strategies — the ones that didn’t work for your business last year — and step up with your social media marketing in 2016.

1. Steer away from clickbait.


For lack of a better description, clickbait articles are so 2015. Believe us: eagle-eyed readers can easily distinguish these articles from clickworthy ones. Instead, work on improving your content marketing strategy by incorporating other types of content in your website and social media pages. Create vlogs, slideshares, infographics, how-tos, cartoons and even podcasts. Explore ways on how to incorporate user-generated content (UGC) in your strategy. UGC will help you create an engaging experience for your customers, which is essential in building relationships with them. However, take care when choosing which types of UGC to incorporate into your campaign, as they can either make or break your brand’s reputation.

2. Invest in ads.


Virality in social media is not merely a product of sheer luck - no matter how riveting your content is, if it is not widely and properly distributed to the right audience, it certainly won’t see much traffic on social media feeds. This year, improve your campaigns by investing in ads to increase your brand awareness and exposure to a specifically targeted audience. Social media ads can also help you drive traffic to your website, app or any aspect of your business that can attract new leads. Ads may cost a pretty penny, but they are worth it.

3. Engage more and build relationship with your followers. 

Clicks and impressions don’t matter if you do not engage with your audience on social media. In fact, engagement is crucial to your marketing success because it means that you value the people who took the time to take a look at what you’re offering. As your network grows, efforts to reach out to your fanbase should double as well, as it means building a relationship with them. As a marketer, it doesn’t mean that you have to chat with them religiously, but as simple as acknowledging their comment on your post or answering their query would mean a lot to them. If you have shunned engagement last year, now is the time to commit to it and gain your audience’s trust. Engagement on social media doesn’t cost a thing, anyway.

4. Have a social media marketing plan and commit to it.


What’s a campaign without a goal? What’s a goal without an action plan? What’s an action plan without a process? Social media marketing may seem easy because everyone is on every network, it’s readily available in one click and it’s been part of people’s lifestyle. For businesses, however, it’s just not the case. Brands and companies like Coca-Cola, Oreo, GoPro and more have become successful on social media because they have a concrete marketing plan with specific goals and tactics. They committed to it, made a few tweaks along the way and focused on reaching their goals. Don’t sign up on Facebook just because.

5. Hire a specialist.


Managing social media accounts may seem easy-peasy, but it isn’t limited to daily monitoring of conversations on the page. From goal-setting to conceptualizing strategies, as well as the actual creation of a social media content calendar, and even when publishing posts and analyzing results, you definitely need someone who knows the ins and outs of social media. Business pages for each network vary and actions taken on your page have a huge impact on your brand reputation, so make sure that you entrust your social media presence to an expert.


Got any social media resolutions of your own for your business this year? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+, and feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Alyssa Ashley Cruz
Alyssa Ashley Cruz
is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. She's a Star Wars geek with a penchant for both movies and travelling.



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