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Face Value: Building Brand Loyalty through Social Media Engagement

Written by: Maria Ysabel Go
October 25, 2016 • 5-minute read

Face Value: Building Brand Loyalty through Social Media Engagement

When it comes to social media, it’s not just about the number of likes and followers
you have. Although this is a vital part, there’s so much more to social media measurement than just this.

One of the most important measurements of social media success is engagement. Social media engagement is to brands is what salespersons are to stores. Both converse with the prospects and customers, and invite them to get to know more about the brand or product. The only difference is that social media doesn’t do hard selling; instead, it engages the prospect or customer in a conversation, which can involve answering questions about the brand or just being a “friendly figure” to them. Social media engagement also acts as the standard of whether or not your brand can be truly trusted. In a way, your social media account also serves as your reputation online. Studies have shown that social media engagement is the key to creating an effective and influential social media presence - and in turn, a successful business.


Some benefits of social media engagement are increasing brand awareness and loyalty, learning more about your customers, keeping tabs on your competitors, sharing content faster and easier, and increasing website traffic and search ranking.

No matter what company size or industry you are in, connecting with followers allows you to dig in deeper and even raise awareness about your brand. Here are some benefits of improving people-to-people interaction, whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or Instagram:

Engagement will help you gain valuable customer insights

Social media pages generate a huge amount of data to customers everyday. In fact, an estimated 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Facebook Likes, and 95 million Instagram photos and videos are uploaded daily!

Through this process, understanding how many people are actually responding to and acting on the messages you are sharing on social media becomes crucial. By monitoring your audience on social media and keeping track of their behaviour, you can identify how much of your audience is responding to your efforts, and what kinds of posts they like. Using this insight can help you tailor your posts and the way you engage with them better.


Engagement will let your audience know more about your brand

In this stage, tracking your social media engagement can also be a way for  you to evaluate how your audience perceives your brand. This gives you the advantage of adapting to their likes and dislikes. This is also your opportunity to show them who your brand really is.

By being a friend to your audience, you’ll ensure that you will be memorable to them, which will increase the likelihood of the customer getting to know more about your products and possibly lead them to avail of your products and services in the future. Build a relationship with your customers akin to that of two friends who share something in common.

Engagement will help you keep your audience and increase brand loyalty

Once you have targeted the right audience, it is time to further capture their attention and help them become more interested in becoming part of your community. By interacting with them, they will be enticed to learn more about your products. This includes receiving newsletters, signing up for a consultations, receiving updates and so on.

Once you have gained their trust and loyalty, they will take it upon themselves to be your own brand promoters in the long run. This will result in getting more new customers whom you can engage with on social media; this cycle will eventually repeat itself.


Facebook allows brands to easily offer exclusives, such as deals or information, to users who consistently interact with their brand, building up their following.

It is important to offer a clearer insight into how social media managers connect with its audience through social media engagement. Essentially, engagement is an indicator of how strong your customer relationships are – and we know this is more valuable than numbers.

Social media has a ton of benefits to help you grow your business. By using it to gain customer insights, engage with your audience and extend your brand reach, you’ll be able to succeed before you know it.

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Maria Ysabel Go
Maria Ysabel Go
Sab is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. An artist and designer at heart, Sab enjoys browsing for the latest in the graphic and fashion design world. On weekends, she likes geeking out about Star Wars and Harry Potter. She also likes to keep track of 50s, 80s, and 90s movies.



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