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The Art of Instagram: Amplifying Your Business’ Feed to Lure Viewers

Written by: Maria Ysabel Go
March 22, 2016 • 4-minute read

The Art of Instagram: Amplifying Your Business’ Feed to Lure Viewers

Instagram is the social media platform of choice for people who enjoy sharing their pictures and videos or are just showcasing what their brand has to offer. Instagram may be a relatively new app, but the number of followers it has gained since it was established in 2010 has rocketed!  As of now, there are approximately 300 million active accounts with 60 million photos uploaded each day.

Over the years, the app has evolved; nowadays, it not only caters to individuals, but to businesses as well. More popular brands like Burberry, American Express and McDonald’s have mastered the use of Instagram, showing an understanding of what their consumers want and expect to see within their feeds. However, not every attempt is a guaranteed success, and a lot of brands flop almost immediately. The main reason behind this is that instead of posting relevant content, they bombard the viewers and treat the said platform like an online catalogue, which is totally wrong.  

Question is, how do you get more people to view your profile? Well, it’s actually quite simple, although it may be a tedious process and getting there will take a ton of patience. Boost your chances of getting more followers with these helpful hacks:

Know more about what kind of people you want to attract - your target audience.

Research on what they like, their interests, hobbies, what’s on trend... in fact, even knowing their favorite shows will help. Get know your customers as much as possible because they will be your strongest ally.

Always include the link to your website on your Instagram page.

You’ll never know when an interested customer might view your page. So take advantage of the fact that this will directly bring the customer to your website and potentially generate leads. That’s definitely a good thing.


Make sure your feed is organized and clutter-free.

Instagram is more keen on appealing the audience with photos. In order to lure more people, you have to make sure that what you post is both visually appealing and relevant to what your company stands for. Whether you decide to post quotes or behind-the-scenes photos, the objective is to make the clients remember you and let the images speak for themselves.

For example, McDonald’s is known for its quirkiness, made apparent in its lighthearted branding. The images shown are more vibrant and colorful to showcase the “personality” of the brand. Keep it consistent.


Whether done through hashtagging, liking, sharing, or commenting, strategic engagement plays a huge role in social media success. For instance, you would probably want to limit your commenting criteria to include just photos which have been posted within the last two days and only have less than five comments. If you comment on a photo that has, say, fifty comments, chance are that nobody will notice you.

There are many best practices for Instagram out there, but the ones above are some of the most effective. Focus on your goal and make your way towards mastering the art of Instagram.

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Maria Ysabel Go
Maria Ysabel Go
Sab is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. An artist and designer at heart, Sab enjoys browsing for the latest in the graphic and fashion design world. On weekends, she likes geeking out about Star Wars and Harry Potter. She also likes to keep track of 50s, 80s, and 90s movies.



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