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Five Flexible WordPress Themes To Achieve Your Ideal Website Design

Written by: Lorraine Soldevilla
June 8, 2015 • 5-minute read

Five Flexible WordPress Themes To Achieve Your Ideal Website Design

So you've finally created your website in WordPress, filled out all the important information, and uploaded the content you wanted your prospects to see. But what's this? You're still stuck with the default plain WordPress theme. Wouldn't that make your website look far from appealing, especially to your target audience?

Paying attention to your website design counts: 94% of people cite design as a basis for not trusting some websites. As a reflection of your brand, think of your website design as your chance to strike a good first impression—before your audience is able to scan your text, they'll see the graphics, colors, and visual elements being loaded. While presenting remarkable content will surely retain your visitors, effective website design will convince them to trust your brand. Fortunately, you don't have to empty your wallet just to redesign your WordPress site. We've found these five fantastic WordPress themes that are easy to customize, even for the not-so-tech-savvy.

1. Weblizar


Designed for businesses, Weblizar keeps every element neat and visible. Compatible with all major browsers, it’s also packed with the basic customization options: four page layouts, two page templates, five widget bars, custom menus, a sticky post option, social media buttons/links, carousel slider, a wide layout option, and light/dark colored skins. There's also an option to use custom backgrounds and images if you want the website to fully reflect your brand. On top of these perks, this free WordPress theme automatically adapts its theme and layout for mobile viewing, which helps your website move to the top of search engine results.

2. BizSphere


Another business-friendly theme, BizSphere has a responsive design to go along with features such as pre-made color schemes, two page layouts, two logo section layout options, and social media icons. There is also space for widgets in the footer and the sidebar, flexible headers, and sticky posts. With no need for coding expertise to fully personalize, you can upload your own images and background and add the option for threaded comments.

3. Mantra


Mantra has over 100 customization options, but don't fret—these features are arranged neatly so that you won't have any trouble looking for the parts of your website that you'd want to customize. This highly responsive theme allows you to choose one-, two-, or three-column width pages, fonts, header sizes and images, background, menus, and social media icons. An image-heavy site won't be a problem for Mantra since it can load your pictures nicely with the animated slider. It can even be customized to look like it has a magazine or blog layout.

4. Flat Bootstrap

Flat Bootstrap_WordPress_StraightArrow

Loaded with a host of personalization options such as multiple columns, icons, buttons, and carousels, Flat Bootstrap displays nicely across all devices with a handy mobile navigation bar. For a dynamic website, you can create tabbed or collapsible content areas, progress bars, alert boxes, sidebars, sticky posts, and other essential personalization features such as adding custom graphics and backgrounds.

5. Clearly


Simplicity is beauty, and this is what the Clearly theme embodies. Without having to tinker with every single setting, you can come up with a clutter-free website. The page builder and simple options panel are loaded with the features you need to start customizing the arrangement of elements in your website. You can choose between a full-width template or a sidebar on the right side. Enhance the responsiveness of transition-ready Clearly with custom backgrounds, menu, images and slider. Just like all the other themes we've mentioned here, Clearly is absolutely free.

Take your time to explore the options for each WordPress theme - or choose from the best premium Wordpress themes, if you've set aside a budget for that - and decide on the settings and look that you think suits your website the most. Remember, you can also get advice from creative professionals when it comes to implementing the latest trends in website design for your business.

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Lorraine Soldevilla
Lorraine Soldevilla
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