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Up, Up and Beyond: How D&V Philippines Grew through Inbound

Written by: Angel Regondola
March 31, 2016 • 6-minute read

Up, Up and Beyond: How D&V Philippines Grew through Inboundh

Nurturing the growth of D&V Philippines was as challenging as it was rewarding.

Imagine fostering the growth of a client’s business and your own company simultaneously. D&V Philippines was struggling with workforce adjustments, shifts in market focus and office space expansion  - and so were we at StraightArrow. But our hard work soon paid off when the numbers came out: leads and conversion rates were up and our handpicked search terms ranked. These were tangible proof of the impact of our inbound marketing initiatives on D&V Philippines.

D&V Philippines Before Going Inbound

D&V Philippines was not entirely left in the dark in terms of branding and online presence. In fact, they had their own website up and running as early as 2009. Their old website, hosted via Joomla, was created and managed by another service provider. Back then, their website merely acted as an online business card that contained the company’s basic services as well as its contact information. There was no avenue to discuss the company’s profile at length, nor did it present any opportunity for conversion. Later on, these were identified as the company’s primary pain points.

D&V Philippines old websiteThe D&V Philippines website, back in 2009.


Making the Shift to Inbound Marketing

After sealing the deal with D&V - one of the most promising finance and accounting outsourcing companies  in the Philippines - we then proceeded with our inbound efforts for the company in July 2014.

Now, for the million-dollar (or should we say, million-peso) question: How did StraightArrow Corporation, a Philippine-based creative process outsourcing company, help turn D&V Philippines’ business around?

Our primary course of action was to create a strong inbound marketing strategy for D&V Philippines. This strategy had a good head start when we came up with buyer personas to target their ideal customers. These personas were used as the core of all our inbound marketing efforts - content development, advanced SEO techniques, branding and even website functionalities.

Next, we put together a professional team to jumpstart the D&V Philippines project. With our most experienced Inbound Marketing Specialist building a clear and targeted inbound marketing strategy for D&V Philippines, we were able to pool the best resources for the project: our seniors in the field of content marketing, SEO, web design and web development.

D&V Philippines new websiteNew and improved: here's the D&V Philippines website today!


Implementing these simple steps made the execution of our inbound marketing strategy practically seamless.

Our content development initiatives zeroed in on rewriting and re-targeting previously published blogs alongside creating fresh content guided by an optimized content calendar.

Our SEO efforts focused on targeting keywords with the highest search volume and lowest competition, as well as strengthening our link-building campaigns.

More than changing the writing style of D&V Philippines’ collaterals, our branding efforts were mostly directed at changing the look and feel of D&V Philippines. In the long run, the changes became more than just skin-deep: the company imbibed its new branding down to the very core.

Finally, our web development efforts centered on improving the functionalities of the website, renaming site pages and optimizing modern features to ensure that it remained at par with modern technology and business standards.

The Payoff

The turnout of these initiatives was very positive. Incorporating content and SEO strategies in our IM plan helped increase unique visits, generate more leads and improve conversion rates. When D&V Philippines and StraightArrow commenced its inbound marketing engagement in July 2014, the accounting and financial services website was registering an average of 1,600 monthly sessions. By October 2015, the average unique relevant visits per month increased to 2,243. To date, as the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, the D&V website now registers an average of 2,500 unique relevant visits per month.

relevant traffic of inbound marketingInbound marketing ensures that only relevant traffic gets to the D&V website.


Before transferring to HubSpot, D&V’s old website struggled in generating leads for the company. Today, the website generates an average of around 20 leads per month, 15 of which are marketing qualified leads or clients asking for service quotations through the website’s Contact Us form.

inbound marketing leadsLeads acquisition: started off slow, but gradually gained traction.

Meanwhile, significant improvements in rankings were also evident, as the D&V website made its way to the top spot of the first page of Google’s search results for the primary search term “accounting outsourcing Philippines.”

With the help of inbound marketing, D&V Philippines was able to expand from a humble team of 5 to a company of over 150 employees and counting. As of today, the company provides services to around 200 clients - a number that continues to grow.

What’s Next for D&V Philippines?

We haven’t stopped rolling up our sleeves for D&V Philippines yet. With the ever-evolving trends in the finance and accounting industry in the Philippines, we are looking at updating the company’s buyer personas, gradually redesigning the website for better site functionalities and developing a CRM tool to manage the company’s leads more efficiently. With inbound marketing leading the way, we are confident about getting even better results as we move on to the next chapter of D&V Philippines’ - and StraightArrow’s - growth story.


Disclaimer: StraightArrow observes strict confidentiality agreements with its clients and ensures that strategies and reports are only shared within the team working on the particular account.

Angel Regondola
Angel Regondola
There is more to Angel Regondola than meets the eye. A doting mother who loves aromatherapy, conspiracy novels and everything politics, Angel is a Print Journalism Minor with MA units in International Studies. She writes best with rock music in the background.

Angel is a Senior Communications Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation.



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