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HTTP vs HTTPS: Four Reasons to Switch to Secure

Written by: Jericho Gonzales
September 28, 2017 • 4-minute read

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HTTPS stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, and it is the safer and more secure version of HTTP. HTTPS is the communications protocol responsible for transmitting data from your web browser to the website you’re logged on to and vice versa.

The primary function of HTTPS is to authenticate websites in order to ensure the security of visitors. It also protects your data by encrypting communications between you and the web server, thereby preventing any confidential information from being intercepted.

When browsing, secure websites are recognizable just by their URL  (Uniform Resource Locator)—these websites have URLs that start with “https://” instead of just “http://”. You can also check for a padlock icon to be displayed somewhere on the address bar on web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Despite the advantages of HTTPS, plenty of websites are still not using it. According to Mozilla, only around 50% of websites are on HTTPS. That means half of all the websites on the internet remain unsecure.

Asking yourself why you should use HTTPS for your company’s website? Here are four reasons that will convince you to finally do it.

1. Improved SEO and higher Google rankings

On its search engine, Google ranks websites with HTTPS higher than those with just HTTP. In 2014, the company redesigned its website ranking algorithm to favor those that use HTTPS. This makes sense, as the company prioritizes the security of its users. Google leans towards HTTPS to ensure a safe and secure experience for users.

As a marketer, you know that one way to get recognized is to be easily searchable on Google. That might not happen if your company’s website is still on HTTP. It may not make it on the first page of Google, and you know that most people don’t bother checking beyond the first search engine results page.

So, if your company still uses HTTP, it’s time to consider a change.

2. Improved lead conversion rate

A case study by cybersecurity giant Symantec revealed that clients experienced a 10% to 87% increase in conversions when they used Symantec’s HTTPS/SSL certificate. Furthermore, according to a survey conducted by, 61% of respondents stated they did not purchase a product from a website because it did not have ”trust logos.”

These studies reinforce the fact that trust plays an integral role in lead conversion. Nowhere is this more apparent than on your website’s landing page where you ask visitors to give you their personal information. They will not feel safe doing this if they don’t trust your website, and visitors can’t be converted into leads unless they provide you with their personal information.

People want a secure experience when they visit any website, and HTTP can’t give them that.

3. Better security and data protection

When talking about the security of HTTP vs HTTPS, the latter wins—no doubt about it. The protocol’s SSL encryption protects both your company and your company’s clients. HTTPS prevents hackers from attacking your website and injecting it with viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

If you don’t want your customers getting concerned about potential security issues when they log on to your website, then you need to shift to HTTPS as soon as possible. In October, Google Search Console will start showing “Not Secure” warnings whenever users are required to enter any kind of information on websites that only use HTTP, including those that are viewed on Incognito mode. Google will also email “Not Secure” notifications to the users who input information on these websites.

This could cause a problem for your company if your website is still on HTTP, so migrate to HTTPS now and save yourself the hassle. In doing so, your company’s confidential business information, as well as the information provided by your customers, are kept secure and safe from cybercriminals.

4. Increased customer confidence in your company’s brand

At shops and stores, consumers tend to buy products from the brands they have confidence in. Things are no different in the world of digital marketing. How your company conducts business online makes a significant impact on how customers, including potential ones, perceive your brand.

This year, internet companies like Google and WordPress are emphasizing the value of HTTPS. Because of that, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of HTTPS and its role in security. They know that websites that use HTTPS are much more trustworthy than those that don’t.

If your company’s website inspires confidence in those who visit, the chances of them giving you their information and turning into leads are significantly higher. These leads are also more likely to become not only one-time customers but repeat customers as well.

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Jericho Gonzales
Jericho Gonzales
is a content marketing specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. He is a lefty who has great love and dedication for all kinds of martial arts. When he isn't writing, he is at the gym honing his skills at various martial arts disciplines.



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