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HubSpot Migration: Why and How to Move Your Website

Written by: Louie Gerodiaz
July 9, 2017 • 5-minute read

Hubspot Migration Why and How to Move your Website

In developing a company website, the key to success is identifying essential functionalities acquiring them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Usability, performance, and other technical factors are fundamental, but for business purposes, your site should also have workflow automation, social media integration, and similar functions.

HubSpot’s Content Optimization System (COS) is one way of getting those necessary functionalities. It blends the usual features of a content management system (CMS)—creating pages, hosting and publishing content, etc. with no coding required—and combines it with marketing automation functions.

As a one-stop shop for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization, HubSpot is among the best inbound marketing tools on the market—because while all of these are available on other platforms, HubSpot’s COS shines in the way it integrates them all into one platform.

If you’re looking for a quick way to more functions to your website and make it more effective at gathering leads and customers, you may wish to consider HubSpot migration.

The Website Add-On

HubSpot comes in different pricing packages to suit a variety of clients. The website add-on is available with any of the three pricing tiers of its full-stacked marketing software: basic, pro, and enterprise.

But before moving forward, you might even wonder, is there any need to migrate your entire site to HubSpot in the first place? How is it better than choosing another hosting company to put my site on? Here are some of the highlights:

  • No coding required. HubSpot provides thousands of customizable page templates on their marketplace. You could also start from scratch using their simple drag-and-drop template builder.
  • Mobile responsive. There’s no need to worry about website pages being cut off on any device.
  • Personalized content. Allows you to segment content and personalize the experience for different kinds of site visitors.
  • Security. HubSpot also guarantees their customers’ security by enabling SSL and assures reliable uptime performance thru Akamai Content Delivery Network. They even have a dedicated page to check the real-time status of each of their products/services.

And those are just the basics. HubSpot’s marketing software will have you covered in terms of acquiring and storing contact and customer data, sending emails, and publishing content. With built-in analytics tools, monitoring and reporting website data is easier as well.

Moving It In

To take your website onto HubSpot, you’d need a team of experts to replicate your existing website using the HubSpot COS. HubSpot itself has an in-house team ready to provide those services, but it’s worth noting that there are certified partner agencies who do so, as well. Some of these agencies specialise in developing fellow HubSpot users’ web and marketing endeavours.

You could also do it yourself: HubSpot has an extensive resources in its training center to guide new users in using their software. They also provide courses on marketing and sales best practices. All of these resources are free for HubSpot agencies and come with certifications for those who complete the courses.

The process usually starts with a review of your website’s functionalities, designs, and features to determine what changes should be expected during and immediately after the transitionary period. This review should also provide an idea of how long the site migration would take—this is typically two weeks for moderately complex sites, while more demanding ones would, naturally, take longer.

Once finished, the site migration team carries out a QA check to ensure that the task was carried out as specified, with the changes agreed upon from the initial review. Any last edits are implemented until the site achieves to desired results—at which point it goes live.

As a HubSpot Partner, StraightArrow specialises in helping other agencies execute marketing strategies through HubSpot. Get on a free, no-obligation discovery call with us today to learn more about how we can grow your business with HubSpot or with any other marketing automation tools.

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Louie Gerodiaz
Louie Gerodiaz
is a junior web developer at StraightArrow Corporation. He specializes in HubSpot and WordPress but is eager to learn everything on web development especially on front-end.



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