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Like a (Real) Boss: How Confident CEOs Earn Their Time Off

Written by: Lorraine Soldevilla
June 1, 2015 • 4-minute read


"You can't carry the world on your shoulders."

This adage perfectly applies to CEOs managing businesses—may it be big, small, or medium-sized. Leading your employees towards meeting your goals hinges on proper time management. Don't feel pressured! You don't have to be preoccupied with your duties all day. There are ways to achieve work-life balance, even as the captain of your company.

Managing Workload


CEOs oversee different areas of responsibilities in the company they manage; bookkeeping, accounting, logistics, and marketing are just some of the things they need to monitor. This can be overwhelming, but there are ways to keep yourself organized. First, set weekly and daily goals for the company with your executive team.

The calendar is your friend; keep track of important dates and meetings so you won't miss even the smallest details. These goals will guide you to the list of tasks and responsibilities that you expect from each department and team that can be sorted according to your overall priorities.

 Decreasing Clutter


When needing help on running businesses, CEOs don't think twice in turning to outsourcing. Letting another company cover other aspects of your business allows you to focus on your other responsibilities while also gaining a partner. With outsourcing, business leaders pass on some of the duties to companies (usually overseas) that have the appropriate skillset and expertise to handle them. With the list of tasks that you’ve created with your executive team, you’ll be able to determine duties can be outsourced to an offshore partner specializing in that area (e.g. accounting). Even creative processes can be outsourced! Thanks to the power of the internet, CEOs have become bolder in considering outsourcing companies. As more advanced technological tools became available, collaborating – despite the restrictions of time and distance – subsequently became easier for businesses and their chosen outsourcing partners.

 Choosing Your Key Partner


Thanks to outsourcing, CEOs have plenty of time to focus on improving the operations and structure of their businesses. However, it goes without saying that the quality of the outsourced work must match the needs and goals of your company. Identifying the essential qualities of a cooperative outsourcing partner helps you know that you’re working with the right company. While doing a background check on the experience and expertise of your potential outsourcing partner, you can also look at their past projects to get an idea on how involved and responsible they are when it comes to working with other companies. After all, it's not just about getting the job done, but also delivering excellent results that exceed expectations.

Being on top feels great, but there are - and will always be - constant challenges to your position. Knowing that there’s a helping hand to keep you focused on what truly matters will enable you to become a more efficient leader for your company. More often than not, smart strategies beat hard work—don’t waste your time on menial tasks that distract you from working towards the large-scale development of your business.

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Lorraine Soldevilla
Lorraine Soldevilla
When StraightArrow Alum Lorraine's not busy blogging and playing online games, she sails off to the world of books and poetry.



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