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Making a #CreativeNation: The Creative Academy for Students (CAST)

Written by: Ari Santiago
November 23, 2017 • 4-minute read

Makin a Creative Nation The Creative Academy for Students

Ever since its beginnings as a company, one of StraightArrow’s goals has been to establish the Philippines as a “creative nation.” Lofty as this goal might be, we believe we can achieve it if we approach it with incremental steps—and we see no better way to start than by focusing on the youth.

As such, one of our major initiatives is the Creative Academy for Students (CAST), a program that provides supplementary training to prepare students for careers in the creative industries. It is managed by Creative Nation Academy, a StraightArrow affiliate, and made possible through partnerships with schools that share our vision and whose educational programs complement our professional experience.

Earlier this year, at CIIT College of Arts and Technology’s Level Up Career Fair, we began the first of these partnerships with a memorandum of agreement for a year-long collaboration.

The program will have third- and fourth-year CIIT students training with StraightArrow’s Creative Design Team to learn principles and techniques for corporate branding honed through experience in the industry.

 Career Fair at CIIT 2017

From left: Sherwin O, Benigno Buenaventura, Leah Joy Encarnacion, Lala Frialde, Avonn Nova, and Chris Sanchez

CIIT President Sherwin O, in his remarks during the event, welcomed the students into “a bigger community, a creative nation,” in which they would be able to learn from their seniors and each other.

Speaking from his experience as a photographer, he emphasized the importance of proficiency with and access to proper technology in building creative careers, whether as individuals or as a society—and with such technology constantly changing, continuous learning is the best response.

StraightArrow Design Team Leader Ian Sumagaysay also stressed the importance of learning beyond the confines of school and expressed his enthusiasm for the program, saying, “My team and I are proud to share some of the creative knowledge that we have [with] the students.”

Both speakers’ points reflect truths of creative work, particularly in the global context. Progressing at an accelerating pace, technology is both a disruptor and facilitator of creative triumphs. For creative professionals, success is a matter of using human insight and technical skills to get the most out of the available tools.

Thus, CIIT Career Placement Officer Chris Sanchez, the last speaker of the day, perhaps said it best when he framed the partnership this way: “I believe that technology + creativity = CAST + CIIT.”

After all, to create for the world—as our massive transformative purpose goes—requires a vast pool of talent, which can only be developed when educators and professionals are aligned.

The best creative work is born of solid educational foundations and rigorous training in the office or studio.

And even as we strive for the long-term goal of a creative nation, the CAST program also produces more short-term benefits. Students gain valuable knowledge and skills, while StraightArrow team members gain an avenue for professional growth.

The program also bridges the gap between professional creatives and students who will soon join the workforce, developing camaraderie within the Philippines’ creative industry.

Do you want to see the Philippines become a #CreativeNation?

If so, send us your resume and portfolio—Our team is always open to those willing and able to create for the world.

Join our team. Apply today.

Ari Santiago
Ari Santiago
is a content marketing specialist for StraightArrow Corporation with a penchant for video and tabletop games. Sometimes wanders, but isn’t quite lost.



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