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Toward a Creative Nation

Written by: Ari Santiago
November 28, 2017 • 5-minute read

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Creative process outsourcing (CPO) is a fairly recent addition to the local BPO landscape. It builds on the Philippines’ long-standing offshore creative industries and, with current technology and global demand, gives local creatives the opportunity to get the most out of their skills in an international market.

However, these new opportunities come with obstacles of their own: shifting market tides, rapid technological change, and new laws tackling these.

As a pioneer in the local CPO industry, StraightArrow aims to see Filipino creatives triumph amid these challenges. This requires not just individual skill but collective action—as they say, a rising tide lifts all ships—so we strive to help establish the Philippines as a creative nation.

Toward a Creative Nation

From the beginning, the idea of a “creative nation” has been tied up with our massive transformative purpose to “Create for the World.” You could say it’s like the flipside of the same coin—there’s no creating for the world without people to do the creating, a nationwide community developing their skills and helping each other do the same.

We’ve put this into practice through the Creative Nation Academy (CNA), a StraightArrow affiliate company. CNA provides specialized training to help students and professionals acquire skills helpful in pursuing careers in marketing and creative industries. Programs cover theory and principles, best practices, and proficiency with specific tools.

CNA has recently partnered with local schools to provide supplementary training to students about entering the workforce. The training is meant to equip them with industry-based knowledge and experience to jumpstart their careers in their prospective fields.

More than just the training, however, we aspire to see CNA’s partnerships result in a more unified community of creatives in the country: schools partnering with business, students and professionals joining in camaraderie—and eventually seeing the students of today becoming the mentors of tomorrow.

Going Further

We see the recently concluded CreatePH event—where we were granted the honor of speaking about CPO and our advocacies—as both a sign of progress and a chance to go further still.

The gathering of distinguished parties from various creative professions is the collaboration needed to move toward a creative nation.

For while Filipino creatives don’t lack talent, they often lack support.

create philippines event 2017.jpg

“StraightArrow Managing Director Ia Del Rosario at CreatePH 2017.”

In addition to sharing knowledge, skills, and insight, there are several concrete ways that creative professionals can band together for mutual benefit:

Back Office Services

All creative businesses stand to benefit from accounting and legal services, but won’t always require full-time staff for it.

Incubation Facilities

In a similar way, such businesses could also share office space. Coworking spaces are a good option for startups to get office space and establish links with like-minded professionals. Hot desking is an excellent way to increase productivity from limited space.

Internet Infrastructure

The Philippines’ telecommunication framework is the backbone of its outsourcing industry. Collective action to improve it would have resounding benefits.

It goes beyond our circles, of course. There are several who, while not creatives themselves, are deeply involved in the work of our industry:

  • public servants
  • entrepreneurs
  • telecommunication workers
  • urban developers and educators—the list goes on.

The progress of the sector will require a truly interdisciplinary community.

While there is still much to be done, events like CreatePH signal a positive turn for the Philippines’ creatives.

With more collaboration like this, there is no doubt that they can surmount the challenges they face, whether keeping pace with technology or attracting clients around the globe.

And it is then that their strengths will come to the forefront: technical skill, work ethic, and aesthetic sensibilities that fuse Asian and Western influences.

It’s also heartening to see this transformation supported by those in other sectors, such as business, technology, and policy-making. After all, it’s not only the creatives who stand to gain.

The economic and cultural benefits would be more than just ripples in a pond; they would shift currents across the oceans. Once again, a rising tide lifts all ships—and that’s why we believe that this is worth the nation’s efforts.

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Ari Santiago
Ari Santiago
is a content marketing specialist for StraightArrow Corporation with a penchant for video and tabletop games. Sometimes wanders, but isn’t quite lost.



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