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6 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Website to the HubSpot COS

Written by: Ivy D. Polea
November 13, 2014 • 4-minute read

6 Reasons Why You Should Migrate Your Website to the HubSpot COS

Your website is your most formidable marketing and branding tool. Chances are you already know this and if you are like most business owners who want the best out of their budget and resources, you must have signed up for a marketing automation tool like HubSpot.

And to complement, your website should allow you to easily update its content, integrate with your blog and landing page system not to mention already mobile-friendly for your buyer personas on the go.

If you're already subscribed to HubSpot, get its full benefits by migrating it to the HubSpot COS.

Here are 6 reasons why you might want to seriously consider doing so:

1. User-friendly Template and Style Design

The HubSpot COS comes with a template builder that is easy to use and fully customisable allowing developers to create templates faster and easier. This means, less hours for your developers and more savings for you.


2. Smart Content

If content is what drives visitors to your website, what more can a smart content do for you?

The smart factor comes from the fact that the HubSpot can “know” who is viewing the page, and with the HubSpot COS, it can display a tailored content to a particular viewer. Imagine being able to use the information you got not just in your lead nurturing emails.

3. Instant Preview

Missed coding errors are no-no’s because they are embarrassing to see on your live website not to mention tedious to fix. With the Style Manager Instant Preview feature, revision is possible during development. 

As icing on the cake, the COS is flexible in adding custom HTML, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax, or CSS.

4. Mobile Responsiveness

For your website to be fully appreciated, it should be optimised for all types of devices. This is one of the most salient features of the COS as it erases the problem of having your developers manually code your site to enable this. 

Visit our new website in the HubSpot COS using different gadgets, and look at the way it adjusts automatically without compromising our design aesthetics.


5. HubSpot's Content Distribution Network

With HubSpot hosting your site, you have access to the many CDN data centers across the globe. This guarantees that your website visitors will have fast and easy access, as well as ease in page loading.

 6. User-friendly and Robust Interface

It could be daunting for you to dabble with website development (and that is why web specialists are hired.) But with the user-friendly interface, you yourself could learn basic site development knowhow, and have the power to suggest and give insights on, for example, making your branding stronger in the website. Just a disclaimer, though: leave it to developers to deal with the major tweaks.

The COS migration might just be the perfect website combination you are waiting for. Talk to your HubSpot Consultant for more details and should you decide to have a HubSpot COS migration, we are here to help. Click the banner below to book a consultation call.

HubSpot Consultation

The HubSpot Content Optimisation System (COS) migration is one of the key elements for StraightArrow’s more definitive and purposeful rebranding. Combining this and our creative force, our website becomes a clear message that we are here to create for the world. Read the article here.

Reference: 6 Things You're Missing If You're Not On HubSpot’s COS

Ivy D. Polea
Ivy D. Polea
Ivy D. Polea is a Communications Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. She has a penchant for words, cats, oxymorons, cupcakes, and stars – in no particular order. In an alternate universe, she would like either Noam Chomsky or Neil Gaiman to be her dad. Despite not having a TARDIS, she still likes to travel locally and abroad to see, experience, and write about beauty and Beauty.



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