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7 Essential Tools for Every CPO Company

Written by: Lorraine Soldevilla
May 7, 2015 • 5-minute read

7 Essential Tools for Every CPO Company

Anyone in the creative process outsourcing (CPO) industry would tell you that working for a CPO company isn’t really what you would call a walk in the park. Not surprisingly, the physical distance between you and your clients serves as a persistent challenge in transmitting messages, sending output, and fulfilling all their creative requirements.

Of course, while creativity, innovation, and talent all play a critical role in getting ahead of the rest in the industry, a strong company needs efficient tools for successfully manage their day-to-day operations, regardless of which digital agency they’re working with.  

Here are seven tools and app suites that every CPO company should have at its disposal:

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is one of the most sought-after project management applications for creative agencies and outsourcing companies. Over 15 million people use it for posting discussions, making to-do lists, and sharing files. Basecamp likes to keep it neat and simple, so even clients who are new to the software won't have to deal with confusing pages to coordinate with their CPO partners. With its easy-to-use interface and quick responsiveness, Basecamp makes coordinating with clients a breeze.


2. Microsoft Office Suite

For years, Microsoft Office has been the desktop office suite of choice for many big and small businesses. Providing a wide range of functions for companies to encode information and create content, Office has proven to be quite useful for professionals and creatives in search of a one-stop source for applications and services to address the needs of their clients.


3. Google Drive

Uploading your files to Google Drive ensures safety and accessibility at all times. With its advanced sharing options, you can choose who can see the contents of a certain folder or a file. Oh, and did we also mention how documents, sheets, and slides created and stored via Google’s online apps automatically save your changes? This enables real-time recovery, saving you from the dangers of power outage or hardware crash while granting unparalleled accessibility to all your important files - as long as you’re connected to the Internet, that is.


4. Gmail

Clean, fast, and secure—CPO companies rely on Google's e-mail service to exchange confidential details with digital agencies. Google Calendar is bundled with Gmail, which is extremely useful for coordinating events, sending reminders for meetings, and creating alerts for project deadlines.


5. Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a standalone application that allows you to check and monitor your e-mail, minimizing the risk of missing out on any important request, alert, or update from clients. Thunderbird prevents the possibility of creatives not seeing critical e-mails through their browsers due to the sheer number of open tabs they have at any given time. The application also sends desktop notifications, which help employees track important messages from clients and colleagues.


6. Skype

When it comes to outsourcing projects, instant and seamless communication is a must. Fortunately, there's no need to meet halfway around the globe - Skype allows you to send messages and files or hold video calls with clients any time of the day, free of charge.


7. Adobe Creative Suite

Used by professionals all over the world, Adobe’s Creative Suite is held in high regard when it comes to creative projects and output. With applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, and Flash, digital designers will have all the vital tools they need to make high-quality designs and animation - and so much more.


With these seven digital tools, CPO companies can boost productivity, produce better output, and ultimately rise to the top of their field, head and shoulders above the rest.

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Lorraine Soldevilla
Lorraine Soldevilla
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