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A Look at the Best Heatmap Tools and Their Defining Features

Written by: Neima Chowdhury
July 19, 2018 • 4-minute read

SA_Blogs -  A Look at the Best Heatmap Tools and Their Defining Features

Our previous blog post discussed the benefits of using a heatmap tool for analyzing your website. Heatmaps track what visitors click, tap, and view and present the results visually, making them easier to understand. 

What is a heatmap?

A heatmap is indeed a great tool to add to your digital marketing stack. But before you rush to get one, it is essential to consider various factors, such as its features, its price, and your needs.

To help you choose one, here’s a rundown of some of the well-known heatmap tools in the market and their features.

Crazy Egg

As its name suggests, Crazy Egg has a lot of crazy (in a good way) features. Aside from the standard click and scroll maps, Crazy Egg has a confetti map and other services such as recording user sessions and A/B testing.

The confetti map is similar to a click heatmap, but it provides a more detailed look at the individual clicks on your website.

The results from this map can be segmented by several metrics such as time on site, operating system, and geography.

Confetti website report - Website click and tap tracking

Photo from Crazy Egg

Another of Crazy Egg’s impressive features is the ability to track multiple sites under a single account.

If you have ten domains, for example, you don’t need to have 10 Crazy Egg subscriptions. You can just add them to a single account.

The pricing of Crazy Egg’s heatmap and other services starts at:

  • $29 per month and goes up to $189 per month, depending on the plan.
The cost is billed annually, although the price indicated is per month.


Like Crazy Egg, Hotjar provides several services apart from heatmaps, making them an “all-in-one analytics and feedback” tool.

Its features:

  • Feedback polls
  • Form analysis
  • Session recordings

Heatmaps allow you to monitor your website visitors’ behavior and ask them their opinions regarding your product or site.

Hotjar’s heatmap package has the standard click, tap, move, and scroll heatmaps. The type of device and heatmap can also filter the results from Hotjar’s heatmap tool to give you a clearer picture of who your users are.

Hotjar offers a free plan but comes with limited reports and can only collect data from 2,000 pageviews daily.

Hotjar’s pricing:

  • Personal accounts start at $29 per month
  • For business accounts, the price ranges from $89 to $989 per month, depending on the number of page views that can be tracked daily.


Clicktale is another well-known heatmap tool with the standard scroll, click, and hover map or mouse movement features.

Like Crazy Egg and Hotjar, their products include recording capabilities and other analytics services.

Their session replays can also be filtered by metrics such as demographics and mouse movements.

Clicktale doesn’t display their pricing on their website, so you would have to request for a meeting. You can get a demo upon request for a meeting and then discuss the subscription cost with their sales team.

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Neima Chowdhury
Neima Chowdhury
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