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Advertising Upgrades and the Latest Updates this June

Written by: Danielle Landero
June 20, 2017 • 3-minute read

 Advertising Upgrades and the Latest Updates this June

The start of June welcomes another set of updates for digital marketers.Facebook and Snapchat roll out new features for marketing, even as LinkedIn cuts back on some. Meanwhile, Google unveils its new service catering to SMEs looking for websites of their own.

Facebook: More Targeted Advertising

Facebook released a new tool this month called Value Optimization, which enables  advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns based on data from Facebook Pixels. There is also an update to the Lookalike Audiences tool that lets marketers add a “value” column to their customer lists; this enables advertisers to identify potential customers who are similar to their highest-spending ones.

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LinkedIn: Goodbye (API) Groups

LinkedIn just announced that they will be removing their API for Groups by the end of the month. This change is to prevent people from spamming by auto-posting into 20-plus groups at the same time. This update will affect third-party applications such as Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Buffer. Marketers can still sign into LinkedIn and post to each group as they please but as off now, there’s no way to automate them. 

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Snapchat: Attracting Advertisers

Snapchat is also rolling out some updates for advertisers to level with both Facebook and Google. They announced the Snap Publisher, a browser-based tool for editing videos in their signature vertical format. The Publisher makes it easy to incorporate brand assets and ads into videos.

This ties up nicely with their self-serve Ad Manager, which also went live this month, along with the launch of a Snapchat Certified Partners program to connect advertisers to third-party ad tech tool providers.

These updates are poised to give marketers more reasons to consider the platform for digital campaigns, giving it a much needed boost to compete with Facebook and Instagram.

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Google: Website Maker

With 60% of small business not owning a website, Google has created its own website builder, simply called “Website”. It’s an extension of Google My Business, which means you need an account there before you can create a website.

While Google Website’s options for themes, visuals, and text are limited to other content management systems, they do offer free hosting with the option of purchasing a domain name.

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Danielle Landero
Danielle Landero
is a Social Media Specialist at StraightArrow Corporation. She appreciates all things art and aesthetics.



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