June Digital Marketing Trends: Metrics, Chatbots, and Google’s Update

Posted by Danielle Landero - July 13, 2017 • 3-minute read

Digital Marketing Trends Metrics Chatbots and Google SEO Update

Let’s start the midyear by checking out some updates to major digital platforms from last month: Facebook introduced two new updates and a long-running Google update made further progress. Meanwhile, chatbots continues to rise in popularity.

New Ad Metrics on Facebook

There are two marketing-related updates to Facebook this June, both of which have been well received so far.

Landing page views, one of the major updates, allows advertisers to see not only how many people clicked their outbound link, but how many actually made it to the landing page. This also helps them check potential issues in load time, mobile optimization, and the like.

The Pre-Impression Activity Breakdown, another recent feature, will allow advertisers to see how many of an ad’s interactions are with new visitors and how many were with those already engaged with the app or page—very useful for creating dynamic ads.

facebook insights new ad metrics

What Went Down on June 25

Many SEO specialists would have noticed something amiss on June 25, particularly for websites ranking in the 6th-10th positions on SERPs.

While Google has not confirmed a major update, tracking tool RankRanger provided says it appears to be a long-running update, the likes of which have not been seen since October 2016. Some tips for improving site performance in light of the update: switch to an unfiltered view (no matter how sketchy it sounds), find more evidence in your Google Analytics history of similar situations, and lastly, experiment with your strategy.

google seo update

Bots for Business

Chatbots just might be the future of website development.For those not familiar with them, chatbots are programs that rely on machine learning and natural language processing to interact with users in a seemingly natural manner. They primarily exist on messenger applications, but can also be integrated into other platforms.

With a bot, browsing and navigational elements can replaced with a straightforward Q&A-styled conversation. For business owners and marketers, introducing bots is an opportunity to interact with, promote to, and sell to customers inside a single window, which presents  a greater scope than apps did before.

Big companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and IBM are already embracing and utilizing this technology and soon enough, users may only need one umbrella app (like Facebook or WeChat) with countless bots on standby to interact with them.

what is chatbot

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