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A Tried and Tested Inbound Marketing Process for Better Business

Posted by Jade Albert - March 16, 2018 • 5-minute read

For marketing agencies and the like, stress from working with third parties in the creative equation is something very familiar. It’s important for all organizations to establish a set of processes to provide a more efficient way to work and a sense of control over the work being done. 

Topics: Creative Process Outsourcing, Inbound Marketing

Developing a Strategic Relationship through Joint Business Planning

Posted by Laurice Calvo - March 14, 2018 • 4-minute read

Contrary to what some suppliers and service providers may believe, it is important not to get caught up in the number of clients you work with. Rather, your focus should be on the quality of your clients, as well as whether or not both parties see the value in working together.

Topics: Agency Management or Growth

Project Management Tools Your Project Manager Should Know

Posted by Clarri Fulgar - March 12, 2018 • 6-minute read

Every project manager worth their salt knows that (1) time is essential and (2) being organized makes the the task of handling projects much easier. Unclear deliverables and emails to sort out — with time pressure on top of all that — will definitely result in a major headache, not just for you but also for your client/s and team members as well.

Topics: Agency Management or Growth

The Future of Search, Part II: Building Your Pillar Content

Posted by John Russel Alba - March 6, 2018 • 9-minute read

In our previous installment, we established that content marketing has made some drastic changes over the last few decades, and along with it, the way we construct content has evolved as well. Incidentally, this is where the concept of the so-called pillar content comes in.

Topics: Content Development, Inbound Marketing, HubSpot

Monthly Roundup: SEO and Social Media Updates in February 2018

Posted by Danielle Landero - March 5, 2018 • 5-minute read

Two months into 2018, and algorithms are far from the only major change in social media and SEO. February welcomed significant social media updates as well, such as Instagram’s Screenshot feature change and Facebook’s much-awaited Watch feature. Meanwhile, in the world of SEO, researchers are recommending that marketers focus less on Google’s recent search function overhaul and more on the emerging technology of voice searches.

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing News, SEO

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