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Beating the Blog Slog: Professional Bloggers for Hire

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November 11, 2013 • 4-minute read

Blogging is hard work.

If you agree, then chances are you part of the growing community of online scribes who wake up each day instantly regretting that light bulb moment when they decided to start a blog.

Do you spend hours every day churning out content you aren’t happy with and which never gets posted? Find it hard to carve out the time to write your best work? Frustrated by the constant demand for new ideas and subjects? Depressed that you don’t post as often as you want or feel you should?

Sound horribly familiar? If that’s you then this blog is for you. And the first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and chill. You are not alone.

Writer's Block Help : Professional Bloggers for Hire

Let’s start with some good news. There are an estimated 164 million blogs on the web (Social Triggers), of which 50% are considered active – and yours is one (even if you are not happy with the way things are going and feel it has all been a terrible mistake). Feel good - you are halfway to the top already!

The reality is that Blogging is hard work; anything worth doing well usually is but it doesn’t have to feel like hard work. Consider why you think it is hard work.

If you are honest with yourself then the likelihood is you know the answer – YOU! Somewhere along the road you lost your direction, that passion that motivated you to join the Blog Rush in the first place. You’re not getting the results you wanted which makes you try harder but that’s not helping. YOU ARE FRUSTRATED.

Psychologically, frustration is an energy killer – if we don’t like doing something (like blogging because it’s not going the way we want) we find excuses not to do it. It’s human nature. You know what I’m talking about – don’t have time, other priorities, no one is reading it anyway and so on.

So, what to do about it?

Sadly, many businesses just give up. Others carry on regardless and some will make it up the blogging food chain. Another alternative is to have someone else do it, a professional writer who can put their words in your mouth to deliver the message you want to the audience you decide

You’re already thinking - what is it going to cost, I don’t have the money – but before we get ahead of ourselves, consider this:

  • A professional blogger is an expert at what they do and there is more to blogging than just putting fingers to keyboard. Blogging has a purpose – quality content that engages your target audience and your blogger knows how best to achieve it.
  • You don’t have to give up control or ownership. You can decide everything from subject, length, frequency and tone or you can trust in your expert. Publish the blogs anonymously or put them under your own name (ghost blogging). It is your choice.
  • Cost is a factor but consider also the value of time – your time – that is freed up by not having to write your own blogs. If your time is more profitably used winning new business then outsourcing your blog requirements could be a cost saving.
  • And it probably doesn’t cost as much as you would think. The worldwide web means your blogger could be the other side of the world but still be just a click or web call away – and at a price much cheaper than your friendly, neighborhood marketing agency.
  • Finally, there wouldn’t be professional bloggers if there weren’t a need for their services.
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About the author:

A former award-winning journalist, Martin Shearsmith‘s two-career story has gone full circle as he returns to his roots as a writer, blogger and digital marketer. In between he traveled the world for business as a pioneer advocate of offshore outsourcing wearing, at different times, the client, supplier and consultancy hats before finally settling in the Philippines.

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