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Case Study: Blogging and Link Building Increase D&V’s Traffic

Written by: Ari Santiago
April 26, 2017 • 4-minute read

[Case Study] Blogging and Link Building Increase D&V’s TrafficD&V Philippines provides finance and accounting outsourcing services to clients  the US, UK, and Australia. When we started working with them, however, they were facing marketing problems common among startups: the need to refine market focus and establish brand identity both offline and online.

At the onset, D&V had an idea of what they wanted to do, which was to establish themselves online as an accounting services provider. As for the particulars, they had identified their outdated website’s lack of content and conversion functions as a major obstacle—and a switch to inbound marketing as a means to solving that.

In order to substantiate that change, the strategy they outlined involved increasing and optimising their content, especially through blogging, and boosting their visibility through link building; eventually, PPC campaigns would be added to this.

Better Blogging for Organic Traffic

One of the main components of the marketing strategy was to develop  and implement blog marketing to organically increase traffic. D&V adopted a publishing schedule of eight entries per week: four from their in-house writers and four from StraightArrow’s content specialists. Working in tandem they would identify target keywords and optimise the content accordingly.

Link Building, Site Architecture

Alongside blog marketing, StraightArrow worked on improving D&V’s site architecture and link-building. One link-building strategy was to create profiles in relevant business directories to improve ranking and traffic. In January 2017, PPC campaigns have also been added to the search engine marketing strategy.

D&V SEM CS 1.jpg


Over the span of two years, traffic increased to 125%, with 56.57% of  traffic coming from organic search results. As traffic increased, so did monthly leads. rising to 400% in that period. The second largest traffic source of D&V are referral links, which contributed 2.5% of the acquisition of the overall contacts in that time.

D&V now has a solid presence online, having secured a top ranking for the keywords "accounting outsourcing philippines,” “accounting bpo philippines,” and “finance and accounting outsourcing" in US search results from Google.

D&V SEM CS 2.jpg

The company now manages close to 200 clients from around the world. Most of them were sourced from referrals; much of the remainder, from inbound lead-nurturing. With the increase in accounts, the company has also grown from five employees to 150.

“Straightarrow provides us with a team. The team is highly competent and very accommodating They do research which we appreciate before suggesting actions. They provide comprehensive reports with recommendations for next step. Help us improve the Inbound Marketing, SEO, and website development.”

Jennifer Z. Santos, D&V Philippines Marketing Director

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Ari Santiago
Ari Santiago
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