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How to Make Landing Pages That Convert

Posted by Ari Santiago - July 20, 2017 • 6-minute read

The best landing pages are considered the best because they achieve one thing: converting visitors into leads. If they can manage that well, they need do nothing else. The flipside, of course, is that a landing page that’s not getting conversions is just digital dead weight.

Topics: Web Development, Conversion Rate Optimization

Making a Marketing Funnel Template for Content that Converts

Posted by Ari Santiago - July 17, 2017 • 5-minute read

There are a dozen different things you have to consider when trying to make an effective content strategy: distribution, keywords, topics, and so on—and so it’s easy to get lost. Often underestimated, however,  is one of marketing’s basic models: the marketing funnel. Simple but universally applicable, the funnel is an efficient method for moving visitors down the path to becoming customers.

Topics: Content Development, Conversion Rate Optimization

Why Cost Per Lead Marketing Is A Good Date Choice

Posted by Kyle Edralin - April 19, 2017 • 4-minute read

How do you know if something is worth your investment?

Sure, there are a couple of handy metrics to figure this out: return on investment, price/earnings growth-to-ratio, or interest coverage ratios. But there’s one particular metric that you can use in order to determine how much something is worth—and it’s a marketing campaign’s CPL, or cost per lead.

Topics: Conversion Rate Optimization

The Six-Sided Approach to Boosting Landing Page Conversions

Posted by Chauncey Chu - December 1, 2016 • 5-minute read

You’re probably familiar with all the usual suggestions from blogs and eBooks on improving landing page performance. Make sure that your value proposition is seen at a glance. Show social proof. Use videos. Change your CTA colour. The list goes on.

Topics: Conversion Rate Optimization

Using Your Personal LinkedIn to Boost Lead Generation

Posted by Steph Ferrer - October 6, 2016 • 3-minute read

Gaining leads on any platform can be a tiring and time-consuming task, but it’s proven to be one of the most effective ways to improve business development. One platform in particular stands out for its applications in the professional sphere. LinkedIn is, by design, one of the most effective social media platforms for boosting visibility, sales, and brand prominence. Used correctly, it is also a viable source of quality leads.

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization

Generating Leads with Social Media

Posted by Ari Santiago - July 26, 2016 • 5-minute read

Much has been said about the benefits of marketing through social media, but the majority of this focuses on its strengths at establishing a brand or building awareness. While these are certainly its strengths, its capacity in other areas of marketing shouldn’t be dismissed. With proper planning and an eye for opportunities, social media can be used to gather leads quickly and at competitive costs.

Topics: Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization

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